End of Financial Year Sales 2024: Get ready for tax time


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Doing your taxes isn’t a lot of fun, but saving lots of money during the end of financial year (EOFY) sales can be.

EOFY is one of the biggest sales periods of the year, with massive savings available on a huge range of products, particularly technology. It’s an opportunity to buy yourself a last-minute tax deduction at a discount, to help keep your accountant happy.

When do the EOFY sales begin?

The last day of the financial year is always 30 June, but there’s no official start date for EOFY sales to begin.

Typically, you’ll start seeing discounts in the weeks leading up to the end of June. Sometimes that happens in May, but you also have sale events like eBay Plus Weekend and Click Frenzy during those times.

If nothing else, keep an eye out from 1 June to see if your favourite retailers have started offering end of financial year discounts.

We’re seeing more and more retailers launch sales throughout June, so keep coming back here to find the best deals.

Incredible early EOFY sales

The first tax time deals for 2024 have already landed. Here are our top picks so far:

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What products can you buy during EOFY sales?

If you shop around long enough, you can find discounts on pretty much any product category during the EOFY sales.

But the biggest, most noteworthy discounts typically go to things that can be claimed as a business expense. Things like laptops, printers, monitors, keyboards and mice all show up often.

It’s also a good time to look at buying a new TV, as the newer models have typically hit shelves and retailers are looking to shift older stock.

And while we don’t really cover it here on BTTR (yet), if you’re in the market for a new car then make sure you look into the best EOFY sales. Auto sellers typically offer big discounts or big bonus offers (or both!) during this time of year to try and run out older stock.

Are EOFY sales worth it?

Most definitely. Outside of the major sales events of Black Friday or Boxing Day, End of Financial Year is one of the biggest sales of the year.

You can find big discounts on a huge number of products. Not only will you find discounted products, but if you end up buying a product you use for work – even on partially – you may be entitled to claim part of that purchase as a work expense on your taxes.

(Obviously, you should seek independent tax advice before claiming purchases on your tax return. But you should always grab the tax invoice just in case!)

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