How BTTR makes money, and why you should trust us

Almost a decade ago, when I was younger and had more hair, I started a website with a couple of friends called EFTM. We started with the idea of who we wanted to write for, but we didn’t really have a proper strategy for making money beyond the vague notion of “advertising”.

After a couple of years, I got a job and moved away from EFTM, which is now a successful business in its own right. But when I decided to start BTTR, I knew I needed to have a better idea of how I was going to make money, and also that I needed to be completely transparent about that to succeed.

And so there are two ways that we make money here at BTTR: Through the ads you see on the site, and through affiliate revenue generated when you click through to potentially buy a product.

What that means is that we may receive payment if you buy a product via a link from BTTR.

So why trust us?

While we may receive payment if you click a link, that doesn’t impact any of the editorial decisions made on the site.

We review products honestly and transparently. All of our best guides have a clearly stated methodology of how we determined the products selected on the page. 

On every review, we clearly state where each product was supplied, whether it was purchased by the author or provided by the company that made it.

The aim with BTTR is to help make all your buying decisions better, and for that to happen, it requires trust. To develop that trust, we will always be as transparent as possible throughout the reviewing process.

If you ever have any concerns about the integrity of the editorial, or simply feel we need to review a different product, please reach out via our contact page.


  • Nick Broughall

    Nick is the founder and editor of BTTR. He is an award winning product reviewer, who has spent the last 20 years writing, editing and publishing technology and consumer content for brands like Finder, Gizmodo and TechRadar.

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