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The BTTR Hall of Fame

Good products are sold every day.
Great products make the Hall of Fame.

We review a lot of products here at BTTR.

One thing we’ve discovered over the years of testing the latest gadgets and appliances is that there is a big difference between a good product and a great product.

A good product does the job you expect it to. It accomplishes its task with a minimum of fuss. There is nothing wrong with buying a good product.

We want to celebrate the great

The reason BTTR exists is to help Australians buy better. And one of the ways we hope to do that is to highlight the truly great products that we get to review.

And that is why we have launched the Hall of Fame.

The BTTR Hall of Fame is a badge of honour, only awarded to the best of the best products we have tested ourselves.

To receive the Hall of Fame award, a product needs to score above 9.5 out of 10. That means it must score a perfect 10 for either its Design or Performance score, and either a 9.5 or a 10 for the other rating pillar.

If you see a product wearing the Hall of Fame badge, you know that it has exceeded our expectations. You can buy it with absolute confidence.

2024 Hall of Fame winners

Sonos Roam

10Expert Score
Pocket powerhouse
It may be three years old, but the Sonos Roam is still one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers you can buy in Australia.
  • Exceptional sound
  • Robust body, stylish design
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi playback
  • Good battery life
  • Power button can be hard to press
  • Sound swap transfers music instead of grouping

It may be three years old, but the Sonos Roam is still an exceptional portable Bluetooth speaker.

It seamlessly integrates into existing Sonos speaker systems, offering powerful audio that you wouldn’t expect from a speaker so small.

It gets quite loud, and doesn’t distort, while features like Auto TruePlay will adjust the playback based on the room its in to best balance the sound to the acoustics.

Available in a range of colours, this is a great speaker for anyone, whether adding to an existing Sonos system, or if it’s your first one.

Ninja XXXL FlexDrawer AF500 Air Fryer

9.8Expert Score
Giant appliance, giant performance
The Ninja XXXL FlexDrawer air fryer is huge, but it can also easily cook a meal for the whole family, making it perfect for larger kitchens.
  • Easy controls
  • Versatile cooking modes
  • Cook in two separate zones or one Megazone depending on the meal
  • Bulky and not designed to be moved
  • Need to clean the whole drawer even if you only use one zone
  • Cooking guidance is a bit too specific

The XXXL FlexDrawer AF500 Air Fryer from Ninja is a large and bulky appliance that is probably too big to fit in a lot of smaller kitchens.

But that size means it can cook a lot in one go. It has a 10.4 L capacity, which is conveniently separated into two 5.2 L compartments within the larger drawer.

It effortlessly air fries, bakes, roasts, proofs, reheats and keeps food warm, and unlike me, can do two things at once.

If you’re looking for a large air fryer to take some of the hassle out of cooking, then the AF500 fits the bill perfectly.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

10Expert Score
A Galaxy of excellence: The S24 age of Ultra
Samsung's 2024 flagship smartphone is the best phone the company has ever produced, and is impressive in its performance.
  • Lightning fast performance
  • Truly magnificent camera
  • Best screen on a phone
  • Strong battery life
  • AI functionality is typically buried in menus
  • Quite heavy
  • Pricey

Samsung received our very first Hall of Fame award for the Galaxy S23 Ultra last year, but this year’s model is better across the board.

From the speed of performance to the incredible camera and the long-lasting battery life, there’s so much to love about this the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The much-promoted AI functionality is still inits infancy, and is probably buried a bit too deep in menus to be really useful, but that actually doesn’t detract from the overall experience.

If you need a new smartphone and money is no object, this is the best you can get right now.

KitchenAid K400 Blender

9.8Expert Score
Powerful blending for delicious smoothies
The KitchenAid K400 is a powerful, versatile blender that chops down everything well.
  • Stylish design in a range of colours
  • Easy to clean
  • SImple controls, but powerful options
  • Hard to get good consistency when lightly chopping
  • Fairly bulky

The K400 variable speed blender from KitchenAid isn’t a new product in 2024, but we’ve been using it for a few months and it is exceptional at what it does.

You get a power benchtop blender with a huge 1.7 L jug, 5-speed settings plus dedicated modes for crushing ice, making icy drinks and blending smoothies.

It’s easy to clean and looks fantastic. If you need a blender, this is a fantastic option.


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