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Vodafone is a leading provider of fixed-line and mobile broadband services. Part of the TPG Telecom Group, it offers 4G and 5G mobile services as well NBN plans across Australia.

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Vodafone is offering an enticing bonus for customers buying the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, including an accessory pack worth $238.

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Why shop at Vodafone?

When it comes to finding a reliable mobile service provider, Vodafone Australia stands out from the crowd.

With its extensive network coverage, diverse plan options, affordable international roaming, and a wide range of cutting-edge smartphones, Vodafone offers a compelling solution for customers in search of top-notch mobile services.

Extensive Coverage and Network Investment

Vodafone Australia has made significant investments in expanding its network coverage, ensuring that 96% of the population is covered.

Thanks to these efforts, the network has witnessed remarkable improvement over recent years, providing customers with reliable connectivity across the country.

Versatile Plans to Meet Every Need

Whether you're looking for prepaid plans, SIM-only options, or contracts with the latest smartphones, Vodafone Australia has you covered.

Its range of plans caters to various preferences and budgets, allowing you to select the ideal package that suits your specific requirements.

Vodafone Infinite Data Plans

If unlimited data is what you seek, Vodafone's Infinite Data Plans are the perfect fit. These plans offer generous data allowances at maximum speeds, with subsequent usage capped but still providing ample connectivity.

From Lite to Super and Ultra tiers, there's an option for everyone, ensuring seamless connectivity without worrying about excessive data charges.

SIM-Only Flexibility

For those who prefer to keep their existing devices, Vodafone's SIM-only plans offer incredible flexibility. By opting for a SIM-only plan, you can enjoy the benefits of Vodafone's network, competitive pricing, and data allowances without the need to purchase a new device.

Competitive International Roaming

Vodafone Australia understands the importance of staying connected while traveling abroad. With its $5 per day international roaming option, you can enjoy one of the most attractive roaming offers in the market.

Stay connected and use your plan's talk, text, and data inclusions in over 55 countries without breaking the bank.

Extensive Smartphone Selection

Vodafone Australia boasts a comprehensive lineup of smartphones, featuring over 20 models from renowned brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, Nokia, and TCL.

Whether you're seeking the best phone in Australia or a more budget-friendly option, you're bound to find the perfect smartphone that matches your preferences and budget.

Cost-Saving Bundles

By bundling multiple plans under a single Vodafone account, you can enjoy savings of up to 20%. Whether it's combining phone, tablet, mobile broadband, or NBN plans, Vodafone rewards your loyalty with attractive discounts.

Reliable Customer Benefits

While Vodafone may not have a dedicated loyalty program, it focuses on providing customers with tangible benefits.

One such example is its industry-leading $5 a day international roaming, which ensures you can stay connected wherever you go.

Additionally, Vodafone's contract-free plans empower you to switch between price tiers as your needs evolve.