Boxing Day Sales Australia 2023: Bring in 2024 with a bargain


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One of the biggest sale events of the year, Boxing Day, has finally arrived. Here are some of the top deals we’ve found.

When is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is always the day after Christmas Day. That means that every year it arrived on 26 December. .

In 2023, Boxing Day is on a Tuesday.

It’s worth noting that many providers will launch their Boxing Day sales before Christmas to get a jump on competitors.

It’s also common for sales to last until the New Year, so you don’t have to spend your post-Christmas food coma shopping.

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day has its origins in 18th Century England, when the wealthy would “box up” gifts to give to their servants or the poor. Being the day after Christmas, servants in particular would receive their gifts on Boxing Day, as they would typically have to work on Christmas Day itself.

Australia’s celebration of Boxing Day has much less to do with boxing up gifts. We celebrate the additional public holiday by watching cricket or sailing, flocking to our beaches and shopping online.

Where can you find the best Boxing Day deals in Australia?

Boxing Day is an Australian shopping institution. While its lustre may have diminished with the arrival of Black Friday, most of Australia’s top retailers, both online and in-store, participate in Black Friday. Expect major discounts from giants like JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Amazon, Kogan and more.

With so many retailers offering so many discounts, the team here at BTTR is here to help. We’ll be combing the online stores looking for the best deals and sharing them.

How to get the most from the Boxing Day sales

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of sales on offer over the Boxing Day sales period. That’s why we recommend you come up with a plan and stick to it.

  • Start early. Some retailers start their sales in the week leading up to Boxing Day. Keep an eye out!
  • Do Your Research: Compare prices across different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Make a List: Avoid impulse buys by sticking to a shopping list.

What to shop for during the Boxing Day sales

You will find discounts across pretty much every product category. But after years of tracking the best deals and monitoring top retailers, I’ve determined that these are the areas that you’ll find the biggest discounts:

  • Electronics: Expect significant discounts on items like TVs, laptops, and smartphones. If there’s something you missed in the lead up to Christmas, don’t be afraid to buy it during the Boxing Day sales and put it away for next year.
  • Fashion: Many clothing and accessory retailers offer substantial markdowns.
  • Home and Kitchen: Appliances and home goods often see major price cuts. It could be the perfect time to buy an air conditioner before Summer.
  • Toys: I’ve seen some epic savings on toys like Lego or board games.

Online vs in-store shopping

While in-store shopping can offer the thrill of the hunt, online shopping provides the convenience of avoiding crowds.

Retailers usually have the same deals online and in-store, so think about what makes you more comfortable before deciding how to shop.

Boxing Day is an excellent opportunity to snag great deals on a wide range of products. With our comprehensive guide to Boxing Day sales in Australia, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of this shopping event.


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