Samsung launches its most powerful vacuum yet, the Bespoke Jet AI

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There are a few things you want from a high quality stick vacuum, and Samsung has tried to deliver on all of them with the launch of its new Bespoke Jet AI vacuum.

You want it to be lightweight, so your arms don’t feel the drag of cleaning your home.

You want it to be powerful, so it will suck up dust and dirt and debris with a single pass.

And you want it to have a long battery life, so you can clean your home in a single session.

Samsung has just announced the launch of the Bespoke Jet AI, which promises to deliver up to 280W of suction power, with the lightest stick motor on the market and a battery life double that of its predecessor.

Sticking AI in everything

AI is the biggest buzzword around at the moment. While I doubt very much that the vacuum actually uses AI, the benefits of improved software in the Bespoke Jet AI sound quite beneficial.

Firstly is the AI-cleaning mode, which uses machine learning from safety science organisation UL solutions to classify different flooring types and adjust settings accordingly.

This means that the vacuum will detect the brush load, as well as the air pressure through dedicated sensors to determine the type of floor. It then adjusts to the optimal suction power and brush speed for that floor type.

Theoretically, this should speed up the cleaning process and save battery life, which is a win-win solution.

The Bespoke Jet AI also has connectivity with SmartThings, so you can customise the vacuum experience, and maintain peak performance through a self-diagnosis function.

Clean station improvements

Also improved is the all in one clean station, which allows you to collect dirt and dust from the vacuum while charging into a disposable vacuum bag.

Samsung claims to have improved the station’s ability to remove dust and dirt, as well as introduced the ability for the station to automatically shut its cover after every disposal.

That was one of the frustrations we had when we reviewed the Bespoke Jet Elite Extra earlier this year, so it’s a welcome addition.

The filtration system also promises to remove 99.999% of fine dust particles.

Pricing and avilability

The Bespoke Jet AI comes in two models: the 280W and the 250W version. Both are available now from the Samsung online store, and will launch in Harvey Norman from September.

The 280W model costs $1,599 RRP, while the 250W is $1,499.


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