Best ironing boards in Australia for 2023

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Having a great iron is only half of the solution. In order to keep your clothes looking their absolute best, you’re going to need one of the best ironing boards as well.

A good ironing board will make it easy to get every crease out of your shirts, skirts, pants and dresses. Not only does it create the right foundation for ironing clothes, but it can also help you reach those awkward spots on your clothes.

It’s an almost essential part of your laundry, unless you’re loucky enough to have an appliance like the Samsung AirDresser in your home.

In order to help you find the best ironing board in Australia for your needs, we did a lot of research across leading reviews websites to determine what was best.

There wasn’t a huge amount of consensus among the top ranking sites for what ironing board was best. There was also a large number of products that were exclusive to the US, and only available in Australia with large markups on price or ridiculous delivery charges.

In the end, our list came down to the following two products.

These are the two best ironing boards you can buy in Australia today

Brabantia Ironing Board C

Recommended by 3/7 review sites

Measuring in at 125cm x 45cm, the Brabantia Ironing Board C is the most recommended model of ironing board in Australia.

With a slightly thicker width than other models from Brabantia, the model C allows you to iron more of your clothes without having to move it around.

It also boasts a triple-layer cover that is designed to help speed up the ironing process, with a cotton layer to improve the glide of your iron and a special coated layer that keeps everything dry.

The board is also strong enough to hold up to 10kg of weight, making it perfect for bulky steam units.

Sunbeam Chic ironing board

Recommended by 2/7 review sites

The Sunbeam Chic ironing board is a large, premium ironing board boasting a sturdy construction and glide wheels for easy movement.

It features a retractable iron rest, which helps minimse the required storage space for the ironing board, while also offering a handy rail that lets you hang up clothes as you iron them.

The reversible padded cover is 100% machine washable, and has padded felt stitched in to help retain heat and prevent dampness while you iron.

How we chose the best ironing board in Australia

Review sites – including this one – are subjective by nature. Everybody has a different opinion of what is best.

So to try and counter the fact that every best guide on the internet has a different opinion of what is best, we approached our list by combining the results of some of the top sites recommending ironing boards on the market today.

To determine this list, we followed the same journey most consumers would follow: we went to Google.

We searched for “Best ironing board Australia” and identified seven of the top editorial results. It’s important to note that Google results can change often, so the full list of sites we referenced is outlined below:

The full list of sites referenced:

We then listed out all of the range extenders listed on each site, tidying up any slight differences in spelling for consistency.

We then calculated how often each product was mentioned across those seven guides. The more frequently a product is mentioned, the more agreement there is between experts reviewing these products. We set a minimum of two mentions across all seven guides to be eligible for inclusion here.

However we hit a problem. Many of the products mentioned across the guides were international products, only available to Australians at exorbitant markups or with ridiculous delivery fees.

So, before we created this page, we went through the list to make it relevant for our local audience. We removed products that are either unavailable, difficult to find, or ridiculously overpriced in Australia.

We also leveraged our own experience with products to ensure that we wouldn’t be recommending any product that doesn’t deliver.

Full list of products considered for this guide

Brabantia Ironing Board C
Sunbeam Chic Ironing Board
Mabel Home Extra-Wide Ironing Pro Board
Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center
Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board
Honey-Can-Do Foldable Tabletop Ironing Board
Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board
Bartnelli Rorets Ironing Board
Above Edge Magnetic Ironing Mat
Xabitat Wall-Mounted Ironing Board
uyoyous Wall-Mounted Ironing Board
Philips Easy Ironing Board
Minky Homecare Ergo Prozone Ironing Board
Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board
Matte Black Over The Door Ironing Board
Leifheit 72585 Air Board Compact Table Ironing Board
Laurastar S4a Ironing System
Joseph Joseph Pocket Folding Tabletop Ironing Board
Joseph Joseph Glide Plus Easy-Store Ironing Board
Household Essentials Tabletop Ironing Board With Iron Rest
Household Essentials Steel Top Long Ironing Board with Iron Rest
Household Essentials Small Steel Table Top Ironing Board with Iron Rest
Homz Ironing Board T-Leg
Hills Premium Ironing Board
Hiding Ironing Board Foldable Ironing Station in Cabinet
Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board
Brabantia Ironing Board D
Brabantia Ironing Board B
Bartnelli Heavy Duty Ironing Board
Amazon Basics Tabletop Ironing Board
Amazon Basics Full-Size Ironing Board
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What to look for when choosing the best ironing board in Australia

The Sunbeam chic - one of the best ironing boards in Australia, with an Iron and a pile of shirts on it

Whether you’re after one of the models listed above or something completely different, the decision factors you need to consider when buying a new ironing board are the same.

Size and Stability

Look for an ironing board that offers a sufficient ironing surface area for your needs. Consider the height adjustment range to ensure it suits your comfort level. Stability is crucial, so opt for a sturdy board with non-slip feet to prevent wobbling or collapsing.

Construction and Durability

Choose an ironing board made of high-quality materials like steel or aluminum, as they provide strength and durability. Ensure the board’s frame is robust and can withstand regular use without bending or warping.

Iron Rest and Cord Holder

Check if the ironing board has a reliable iron rest or holder that can securely hold your iron when not in use. Additionally, a built-in cord holder or management system can keep the cord out of your way while ironing.

Cover Material

Look for an ironing board with a thick, heat-reflective cover that allows for smooth gliding of the iron. A cover with padding underneath will provide better ironing results and prevent imprints from the ironing board’s mesh.

Portability and Storage

Consider the weight and foldability of the ironing board if you need to move it frequently or have limited storage space. Some models come with features like a locking mechanism or a compact design for easy transportation and storage.

Additional Features

Some ironing boards may offer extra features like an adjustable rack for hanging clothes, a steam iron rest, or a laundry rack for convenient garment storage. Assess your needs and preferences to determine which additional features would be beneficial for you.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Before making a purchase, check customer reviews and ratings to gather insights from other buyers. Pay attention to feedback regarding the board’s stability, durability, and overall satisfaction of users.

Price and Warranty

Consider your budget, but remember that investing in a higher-quality ironing board can provide better long-term value. Check if the product comes with a warranty to ensure you are protected against any manufacturing defects.

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