Roborock-in’ the Suburbs with the new S8 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum

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Every year, robot vacuum makers are finding new ways to build upon their products. Some are obvious, like better suction. Others are more… unique. Roborock has announced its latest flagship robot vacuum, the S8 MaxV Ultra, and its new features fit in both camps.

On the obvious improvement side, Roborock’s FlexiArm design allows the side brush to extend out to really get into corners. This is obviously a bit of a different approach to the likes of Ecovacs, which reshaped the X2 Omni into a square to get to corners.

Roborock has also added a spinning edge mop to the underside of the vacuum, which can mop edges much more efficiently.

The S8 MaxV Ultra boasts a huge 10,000 Pa of suction, LiDAR navigation technology and improved obstacle avoidance and recognition technology.

Its auto-empty base will wash the mop pad at 60ºC, dry it with heated air and automatically dispense detergent to help give your home a better clean.

And on the more unique side…

While robot vacuums are typically built for cleaning, Roborock has turned the S8 MaxV Ultra into a pet camera.

The vacuum can actively search your home for your pet. At the press of a button in the app, the vacuum will roam around your home looking for your pet. When it finds a pet, it will stop the main brush to avoid startling the animal.

You can then have a remote call with your cat, dog or hamster, using the vacuum’s camera to take pictures and the integrated speaker to broadcast your voice to your pet.

Pricing and availability

The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra is available to pre-order now from Roborock and other selected retailers, before it officially goes on sale on 1 May 2024.

Those who pre-order before April 30 will receive a 1-year extended warranty and a free extra accessories pack, valued at $458.60.



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