Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme review


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Solid performer, but it's far from Extreme

The Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme offers a full suite of floor cleaning features at a reasonable price, but it’s not breaking new ground.

  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning features
  • Great cleaning performance
  • Can't reach under beds
  • Dirty water requires cleaning after every use
  • Still need a vacuum for carpets

Last year I reviewed the Floor One S7 Pro. Months later Tineco launched the Floor One S6 Pro Extreme.

I don’t understand why Tineco decided to take the S6 model “Extreme”. I’m also not sure what makes it “Extreme”. It doesn’t spout flames, or do tricks, or play back “More than Words” as you clean your home. 

From a spec perspective, it seems like the S7 Pro is still the more premium option, thanks to larger tank sizes, LED lighting and both forward and backwards motorised wheel assistance.

The S6 Pro Extreme is a bit cheaper than the S7 Pro, which makes it a good value option, especially given that from a usability perspective, there’s very little difference between the two models.

Close up of the S6 Pro Extreme's screen


I’m going to be honest. Visually, I would find it difficult to pull the Tineco Floor One S6 Pro Extreme out of a lineup of Tineco’s wet and dry vacuum/mops. 

It looks remarkably similar to all the other models I’ve tested over the past year. 

That’s not a bad thing: It works quite well. The S6 Pro Extreme resembles an old school upright vacuum, except instead of a big bag you have two water tanks.

The clean water tank slips subtly into the back of the S6 Pro Extreme. The dirty water tank is more prominent on the vacuum’s front.

On top is a large LCD screen that gives you all the info you need to use it. This includes things like the cleaning mode being used, as well as how dirty the floor is using Tineco’s iLoop technology. 

iLoop is a coloured ring around the outside of the screen that turns red when the S6 Pro Extreme detects the floor is dirty. You just keep cleaning until the ring turns blue.

Like the S7 Pro, The S6 Pro Extreme has LEDs in the head unit to light the way, and offers edge to edge cleaning on both sides, so you can easily clean closed in areas.

The self propulsion system only kicks in when the vacuum moves forward, though. You need to pull it backwards with your own strength.

It’s not hard, and I didn’t really notice it as a challenge while using the mop to the extreme. But it’s worth flagging.

The other big red flag is that, like all the other Tineco models I’ve tested, the design of the unit means you can’t get under low objects easily. For me, this meant mopping under my bed was impossible.

I think this is a problem with the entire category of products if I’m honest, but could be a dealbreaker if you’re looking for an easy way to mop hard to reach places.

The S6 Pro Extreme's cleaning head


While you get four cleaning modes, the only one you actually need is Auto. It will adjust the suction and mopping power based on its iLoop sensor to ensure it cleans the floors properly.

Sure, you can crank things up with Max mode, or use the Ultra mode’s electrolysis to do… something. Suction stops using water, allowing you to vacuum hard floors without the mop, but you wouldn’t use it on carpets.

The reality is that none of these other modes really makes sense. Auto mode will amp up the power on stubborn issues, so you don’t really need Max mode. Ultra mode is effectively indistinguishable from Max mode. 

And if you need to just suck up dry mess, you would still use the mop function to make it really clean.

However, if you do want to use these modes, you can easily swap between them with a single button press, and the large LCD screen and loud voice over makes it clear which mode you’re using.

Cleaning with the Tineco

Cleaning performance

The Floor One S6 Pro Extreme is easy to use, and it does a good job at vacuum/mopping hard floors. 

You simply tilt the appliance to make it work, and it will kick in. The Tineco system automatically ensures that it sprays clean water onto the roller while straining the dirty water into the dirty water tank.

This is important as it helps clean faster, while not spreading your dirt and mess around the home

The edge to edge coverage on both sides, as we saw in the S7 Pro, made cleaning the corners of my U-shaped kitchen much easier.

Battery life is solid. Tineco claims up to 35 minutes of run time. I was able to clean the hard floors in my home more quickly than that, so I never had to drop it on the charger mid-clean. If you have a large home, maybe you would. 

I also found that the clean water and dirty water tank got me through a single clean, but I imagine it may need topping up if the floor was particularly dirty.

Auto cleaning mode communicated on the screen

System maintenance

The worst part about using these vacuum and mop combos is emptying the dirty water tank. It’s pretty gross, as it combines your solid and liquid mess.

If there’s hair in there (there will be) it’s not fun detangling the hair from the dirty water tank.

That said, Tineco does make the majority of the maintenance cycle straightforward. There’s a self-clean cycle that you can run when you drop the S6 Pro Extreme back on the charger.

After it’s cleaned, it also uses a centrifugal drying process to help limit mould and musty smells from the roller.

On the charging base


In all honesty, I couldn’t tell you what makes this extreme. When compared to the S7 Pro, it offers most of the same features and functions, but at a lower price.

It’s not as big, both in terms of water tanks and battery size, but it still has everything you need for getting through your home.

The big dependancy with a device like this is that you have a lot of hard flooring throughout the home, and not much carpet or rugs. Because the carpet and rugs mean you’ll still need a traditional vacuum, and having this and a vacuum is most likely overkill.

But the Floor One S6 Pro Extreme is a strong performer if you are looking for a floor cleaning solution for your home.

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