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Apple didn’t make the first smartphone, but the original iPhone changed the world. Today there are multiple models to choose from in Australia, so choosing the best iPhone for you can be a challenge.

According to data from Kantar, iOS powered smartphones made up 46.8 percent of the Australian market in September 2022. That is a remarkable market share for a single company that makes not only the software, but the hardware for these devices as well.

Each year, Apple tends to announce a new family of iPhones in September. But with previous models still available to buy, plus additional devices like the iPhone SE released periodically, choosing the best iPhone for your needs isn’t as straightforward as buying the newest model.

These are the best Apple iPhones we’ve tested:


Apple iPhone 15 Pro

This phone is powerful enough to play console-level games, has exceptional cameras and the Action Button adds a whole new dimension. It’s as good a phone as you can buy right now.
iPhone 15 Pro with the Hall of Fame badge
Apple iPhone 15 Pro review

Apple iPhone 15 Pro – 128GB – Natural Titanium Brand New Sealed MTUX3ZP/A Hall of Fame

BTTR Review: The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is an exceptional phone with a brilliant camera, intelligent software and the most …
  • A17 Pro chipset
  • 48MP + 12MP ultra-wide + 12MP 3x telephoto cameras
  • USB-C connector

Apple’s Pro model of its 2023 iPhone took a few big leaps over previous generations. The most obvious changes come in the form of the USB-C port and the Action button, which replaces the silent mode switch present from the earliest iPhones.

But it’s the iterative updates that really make this phone sing. The A17 Pro processor is incredible, offering massive performance, with an improved GPU that can deliver console-level graphics.

The camera is equally impressive, taking beautiful, vibrant photos. Arguably the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a slightly better camera with its 5x zoom capability, but I think the extra bulk isn’t worth the extra zoom.

  • Looks and feels great
  • Exceptional camera
  • Action button works well
  • Incredible performance
  • USB-C shift will take time to adjust
  • Battery life is good, but not great
  • Action button can only do one thing


Apple iPhone 15 Plus

With its larger screen size, the iPhone 15 Plus offers a clear viewing experience with plenty of power and the advantage of USB-C connectivity.
The Apple iPhone 15 Plus
Apple iPhone 15 Plus review

Apple iPhone 15 Plus Editor choice

If you like big phones and you cannot lie, we cannot deny that the Apple iPhone 15 Plus is a great option in our review.
AU $1,477.00 AU $1,649.00 Buy now
Read full review
  • A16 Bionic chip
  • 48MP Main + 12MP Ultra-wide cameras
  • USB-C Connector

The iPhone 15 Plus is an exceptionally built and designed piece of hardware. It offers fantastic battery life, with a stunning screen and a solid camera.

Its price is a little difficult though, with the iPhone 15 Pro available for only a small premium over this device, and delivering a much better performance.

But if you like your phones with a larger screen, then the 15 Plus’ is a balanced option. But we’d argue the cheaper iPhone 15 or the better iPhone 15 Pro would be better choices for most people.

  • Solid, well-made hardware
  • Good battery life
  • Camera takes really nice photos
  • Can get the better iPhone 15 Pro for just a little bit more
  • USB-C transition can be a little frustrating

Also consider:

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iphone 15 pro max

Recommended by nine out of ten of the referenced sites in our research, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is also the most expensive Apple phone you can buy right now.

Unlike previous generations of Pro Max iPhones, this generation offers a clear advantage for photographers thanks to an addition 5x optical zoom setting over the iPhone 15 Pro. That makes it a great choice for camera phone enthusiasts.

The extra size also means a larger battery inside, so you can get through more of the day with this exceptional device.

Where to buy:

Apple iPhone SE (2022)

Apple iPhone SE 2022

Apple doesn’t really do “cheap” products. But the iPhone SE is its more-budget-friendly smartphone, and is highly recommended as one of the best cheap phones in Australia.

Still powered by the A15 Bionic chip with 4-core GPU, the iPhone SE sacrifices other features like Face ID and a multi-lens camera system in order to bring the asking price down under $750.

While still expensive compared to similarly specced Android counterparts, this is nevertheless a fantastic entry-level smartphone.

Where to buy:

Apple iPhone 15

Apple iPhone 15 512GB Blue

The iPhone 15 is Apple’s most affordable 2023 model, making it one of the best models for most people.

You get Apple’s twin lens camera array, with the latest version of iOS, plus the arrival of the Dynamic Island first seen in last year’s iPhone 14 Pro models.

Apple also made the switch to USB-C charging ports in its 2023 lineup, which is great for compatibility, but you may find upgrading leaves some of your accessories obsolete.

Where to buy:

Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14 Product image

The iPhone 14 offers a fine balance of price and features. Apple has included an upgraded A15 Bionic chip with a 5-core GPU to power this smartphone rather than the A16 found in the iPhone 14 Pro models.

It has also bundled in a dual-camera array, though because both the standard and pro variants run iOS, you get many of the same software benefits between devices.

With a stunning 6.1-inch Retina display, this is a gorgeous phone that happily suits most people.

Where to buy:

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13

One of the notable things about Apple iPhones is how they hold their value even after they have been superseded.

The iPhone 13 came out in 2021, and even though the iPhone 14 was released last year, there isn’t a huge price difference between the two models.

As such, it probably doesn’t make sense to pick up the iPhone 13 unless you find it significantly discounted.

Where to buy:

How we chose the best iPhone in Australia

I’ve reviewed hundreds of phones over my career, and more than 20 since I launched BTTR. In that time I learned that review sites – including this one – are subjective by nature. Everybody has a different opinion of what is best.

So for this guide, I’ve recommended my top iPhone choices from the models I have tested. But also done extensive research to identify the top models I may not have tested yet.

This research involved combining the products recommended by leading review sites across Australia, and consolidating those recommendations. You’ll find them in the “Also consider” section.

As I continue to test more mobile phones from Apple, I’ll update this guide to ensure it is regularly up to date.

What to look for when choosing the best iPhone in Australia


Whether you’re after one of the models listed above or something completely different, the decision factors you need to consider when buying an iPhone is the same.

Camera requirements

While there are a lot of minor differences between the current generation of iPhone models, the biggest factor differentiating the Pro and standard lineups is the cameras.

If you want to take a lot of high-quality photos in a range of lighting situations, then you may appreciate the Pro family of iPhones. You will likely get better photos, and that could be worth the premium price you pay.

Screen size

Decide how big you want your screen to be when choosing your next iPhone. Apple has regular and large sized models in both its standard and Pro range of phones.

This gives you the flexibility of a device that sits in one hand reasonably well, or a device that mostly requires two hands to use.

If you want a smaller device, then you will need to look at options like the iPhone 13 Mini or the iPhone SE, both of which are quite dated now.


With the iPhone 15 family of phones, Apple made the decision to limit its biggest and best processor, the A17 Pro, to its Pro models.

This helps make your decision easier. If you need the best possible processor, then buy an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. If you don’t think you need a huge amount of processing power, opt for the still-impressive A16-Bionic powered models.

Also, make sure that you get the best mobile plan for your new iPhone. Not all plans take advantage of the most recent iPhones’ 5G capabilities, for example.


Apple has started differentiating its Pro models in the past few years with exclusive features. In 2022, only the Pro models offered the Dynamic Island, though that feature is now availbe on the standard iPhone 15.

In 2023, the iPhone 15 Pro models boast the customisable Action button. All of the 2023 phones also come with USB-C charging instead of Lightning.

If you want any particular feature or connection type, limit your search to devices that have it.


As with anything, price is a key component. All Apple iPhones have a premium price tag attached, but you get a lot of quality for your investment.

But understand which phone sits within your budget to help you make your decision.

Update history
  • 5 May 2023 – First Published
  • 5 November 2023 –  Updated the number of recommendations. Removed the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple iPhone 14 Pro, Apple iPhone 13 Mini and Apple iPhone 14 Plus. Added Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple iPhone 15, Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Apple iPhone 15 Plus.
  • 5 May 2024 – Updated methodology to be based on first-hand reviews, rather than external recommendations.


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