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Tineco iFloor 2 review: Compact and efficient cleaning

If you have a smaller home or apartment with predominantly hard floors, the iFloor 2 is a good option for making your cleaning routine easier.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Good cleaning performance
  • Reasonable battery life
  • Cleaning the appliance takes almost as long as cleaning the house
  • Little difference with spot clean function
  • Charging cable just hangs when not being used

Vacuuming and mopping. Mopping and vacuuming. The act of keeping your home’s floors clean is an eternal struggle. The Tineco iFloor 2 makes it slightly easier by combining both functions in a single 2-in-1 machine.

Designed for homes that are predominantly hard-floored, the iFloor 2 is a lightweight vacuum and mop combo. It’s not as bulky or as heavy duty as the Floor One S5 Pro, making it better suited to smaller homes or apartments.

But despite its smaller footprint, the iFloor 2 does a solid job of cleaning. Is it enough to replace both your vacuum and your mop with a single device? Maybe, but it depends on a few things, as we’ll discuss in this review.

Close up of the mop head of the iFloor 2


The iFloor 2 looks like a sleek, upright vacuum. The white and grey colour scheme feels futuristic and stylish, straight out of the Nostromo spaceship from Alien.

When you take the iFloor 2 out of the box for the first time, you will have to insert the handle pole, but everything else is conveniently assembled.

Like the Floor One Pro, the iFloor 2 features dual water tanks, with one for clean water and another for dirty water.

There’s no giant LCD with this more compact design, though, and the water tanks themselves are smaller as well.

Despite the more compact design, controls are simple. There’s a power button on the top that turns on the vacuum/mop. Next to it is a spot clean button, which increases the scrubbing power of the vacuum. There’s also a trigger that releases the clean water spray.

The handle with the button controls for the iFloor 2

Importantly, you can use the Tineco to quickly mop up spilt liquids without needing to add clean water to the water tank, which any parent will tell you is enough reason to buy the appliance in itself.

Removing the water tanks is simple. There’s a dedicated button for each that is easily pressed with your thumb.

The mop head is enclosed on both sides of the iFloor 2’s base. This means that it’s actually impossible to get right up into the corner or your floors. 

While you probably won’t notice it too much on a day-to-day basis, over time you need to watch for grime accumulating in that 1-2cm next to the wall or furniture.

The iFloor 2 comes with a dedicated stand that allows it to self-clean, but the base is just a piece of plastic. Unlike the One S5 Pro, the charger is a cable that plugs directly into the vacuum itself rather than the base station.

Charging the Tineco iFloor 2


Upright vacuums have a reputation for being difficult to manoeuvre. Fortunately, that’s not the case here, as the iFloor’s self-propulsion system helps pull the vacuum along to clean your floors.

You can easily navigate around furniture and rugs, with the appliance sucking up dirt and dust and any spilt liquid, leaving behind it a light trail of clean liquid.

That trail dries pretty quickly too – much quicker than using a traditional mop, in my experience. Which means you can be walking on your floors again in minutes, which is a nice touch.

Because there aren’t a huge number of controls on the iFloor 2, it’s pretty simple to use. The vacuum function works well, but doesn’t seem to offer anywhere near the level of suction you might find in a stick vacuum like the Samsung Bespoke Jet.

The mopping function is mostly automated as well. There is a dedicated button for spot cleaning, which is for helping to give a deeper clean on sticky or stubborn stains. 

To be honest, I couldn’t detect any difference in either the level of suction or the speed of the mop head’s spinning when I put the iFloor 2 into spot mode. 

Using the vacuum mop combo

The other factor I found difficult to work with was the trigger, which releases more of the clean water solution into the mop head. 

I assume it’s because of the vacuum function, but I didn’t really see any real difference in the water level on the floor when I pulled the trigger.

All that said, I can’t complain about the cleaning quality, aside from the fact it doesn’t get in close to that last centimetre next to walls. For my home, it did an impressive job of keeping the hard floors clean, picking up both dust, leaves and grass effortlessly and leaving my home smelling fresh.

Battery performance

Tineco claims you’ll get about 22 minutes of action from a full battery, which takes 4–6 hours to charge.

In my testing, I was able to vacuum and mop the hard floors in my three-bedroom home without getting a low battery notification. All up, that took me about 15 minutes to complete a quick job, so it should be enough for a small to medium-sized home or apartment. Larger homes are probably better suited to a more premium device.

The charging solution also feels a little awkward, with a plug at the end of a wire slipping into a small hole on the side of the iFloor 2. When you consider the elegance of the Floor One S5 Pro, which sat in a similarly shaped base and charged from there, this feels awkward. 

When I unplug the iFloor, for example, the cable ended up in the base, which I then needed to move before returning the appliance to run its self-cleaning cycle.

the head unit of the iFloor 2


Undoubtedly, the worst element of these 2-in-1 vacuum mops is cleaning them. To avoid smells, Tineco recommends you clean everything after every use.

That means emptying the water tanks, washing the filters, pulling out the mop head and cleaning it and letting it dry.

That is a lot of work for what should be a quick little clean.

There is a self-clean function for the mop head, which is activated by pressing and holding the power button when the vacuum is plugged in and sitting on the base. It runs at high-speed and high suction for a minute or so, cleaning the mop head at the same time.

Also, be warned that cleaning the dirty water tank is disgusting. It means the appliance did its job well, but dirty water is never pleasant. And because of the way it’s designed, you have to get up close and personal with that dirty water, often pulling clumps of hair from the dirty water tank with your fingers to clean it out.

And to do the whole job properly, you need to allow an extra 10 minutes or so to clean each component, and then time in between to let everything dry. 

That’s almost as long as I spent cleaning my home, which seems unbalanced. The time I saved cleaning my home is now taken up by cleaning the appliance. And I need to get my hands dirty, rather than just tipping the dirty water on the garden. 

The compact water tanks of the iFloor 2 are still enough to get through a 3-bedroom home (when 2/3rds of the rooms are actually carpeted)


It’s important to have clean floors, it just sucks that they typically require a huge amount of effort.

The Tineco iFloor 2 is a great way of trying to simplify that process. It is incredibly simple to use, easy to move around, and leaves your floors looking and smelling fresh and clean.

However, it’s smaller water tanks and battery life make it less suitable for larger homes. If you have carpeted rooms or rugs, understand that this isn’t a vacuum on its own, so it’s probably not the ideal solution for your home.

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