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Tineco Floor One S5 Pro review


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Tineco Floor One S5 Pro review: Vacuum and mop hard floors easily

While the Tineco One S5 Pro makes keeping hard floors clean easy, you will have to spend some of that saved time cleaning the appliance itself.

  • Cleans hard floors really well
  • Clear LCD screen and voice notifications
  • Easy to use
  • Cant reach under furniture
  • App pairing needs fixing
  • Maintenance of appliance requires a fair amount of effort.

The worst thing about having hard floors throughout your home is that you don’t just have to vacuum, but you need to mop as well. The Tineco One S5 Pro promises to solve for that with an intuitive design that vacuums and mops at the same time.

It’s quite bulky, which does pose some challenges when trying to clean hard to reach locations. It’s also not appropriate to use on carpets. If your home is a combination of hard surfaces and carpet (or rugs), you will need a second vacuum.

But if you want to simplify your cleaning routine, this review will show that the Tineco One S5 Pro could be the perfect solution. 


Using the Tineco Floor One S5 Pro in the kitchen for the review

The One S5 Pro is a single unit designed just like an old upright vacuum. Except instead of a big vacuum bag at the back, it features a long cylinder with a combination of clean and dirty water tanks, plus a bright large LCD screen on top.

At the base of the S5 Pro is a roller mop head, its cylindrical shape looking something like a paint roller. One side of the mop roller is slightly exposed, running right to the end of the S5’s vacuum head area. This ensures you can clean right to the edge of your floors.

At the back of the main body is the clean water tank. It holds 800ml of clean water in its long, narrow body. Plus, you’ll need to add a capful of Tineco’s floor cleaning solution to clean.

At the front is the dirty water catchment tank. It only holds 700ml, so you should never have a situation that the dirty water starts overflowing, thankfully.

The Large LCD screen of the Floor S5 Pro

At the top of the main body is a large screen with LCD animations. When you are vacuuming, it will show a blue border when everything is working fine. It starts to turn red in dirty spots or if suction is reduced for any reason. 

It’s a good, clear indication you need to focus on that area when it starts to turn red.


On the handle are three buttons: two on the front and one on the top. The front buttons will control the power and vacuum modes, while the top button activates the self-cleaning function. Don’t let that description fool you, though – like any mop, there’s still a level of manual cleaning involved here.

Perhaps one of the most surprising features is the speaker, which broadcasts a reasonably loud voice any important information. 

You can turn it off, but it’s actually quite useful to hear that you need to empty the dirty water tank, or that the clean water tank needs to be refilled.

The Tineco Floor One S5 Pro on its charger during the self clean cycle

The One S5 Pro comes with a base that it has to charge, as well as operate the self-cleaning function. You do need to place the floor cleaner on backwards, though, which can be a bit awkward.

There’s a spare mop head and HEPA air filter in the box too. You can change everything each time you use it while the equipment dries out after you clean it.

The app

Tineco’s S5 Pro hard floor cleaner syncs with the Tineco Life app, so you can stay up to date with your cleaning habits. It shows helpful graphs of how long you spend cleaning each week, as well as how dirty your water is compared to other users.

You can also use it to activate the self-clean function, though given you will typically do that after a mop around the house, it’s probably not something you would use too often.

Pairing the app posed a few problems. While everything started off clear and obvious, once I began the pairing process the app jumped to a scanner for some reason, with Chinese instructions across the screen.

Eventually, I was able to work out to press the manual setup option to work around this challenge, but it was a frustrating blip on an otherwise seamless setup process.

The rear of the Floor One S5 Pro


There are three different cleaning modes on the One S5 Pro, though you will probably only ever really need to use the “Auto” option.

Max mode turns the cleaning up to full suction and water use. Suction is designed for cleaning up spills, removing liquid without dispensing any from the clean water tank.

Turning on the S5 Pro is as simple as tilting the body. It can be a little stiff to get going though. I always had to place my foot on the base to get it to go.

Once on, the S5 Pro begins to vacuum and mop your hard floors automatically.

From the moment you start, the large LCD screen shows your remaining battery life. Given the stated claim of 35 minutes of run time, this was great for peace of mind. I never came close to running through all the battery life, though.

The reality is that you will run out of clean water before you run out of battery. In my three-bedroom home (where two of the bedrooms are carpeted), cleaning all the hard floors took about 18 minutes.

In that time, I worked through the entire clean water tank. 

Close up of the brush head of the Tineco vacuum.

Cleaning quality

The really great news is that the S5 Pro does an impressive job of cleaning the floor. 

Unlike the Samsung Jet vacuum’s mop attachment, the S5 doesn’t spray water onto the floor, it lubricates the mop head as it spins. 

This means there is a light amount of liquid used evenly across your floors. The minimal water use means the floors dry quickly. You will still want to clean walking backwards to avoid walking over the freshly mopped areas.

The vacuum component of the cleaner sucks up any dirt or dust, as well as sucking away the dirty water used. Everything is dumped in the dirty water tank. 

The LCD highlights dirtier spots by turning red, and you can run over those a few times to make sure you give it a good clean. 

It can be a bit awkward getting into edges though. The mop is only exposed on the right side, meaning you need to make sure the right side of the vacuum runs up against the wall or cabinet. 

And while we’re discussing awkwardness, trying to vacuum and mop under furniture is mostly a no-go. The S5 Pro doesn’t bend to flat, so you can’t use it to clean right under the bed. 

The vacuum/mop combo gets pretty gross, and you need to clean it after every use. Here you see a build up of hair and debris.


The S5 Pro sucks dirt from the vacuum and the dirty mop water into a single dirty water tank. 

So, as you might expect, it gets pretty gross. Even when the floors seem clean, the murky water in the dirty water tank is quite disgusting. 

That’s to be expected, and is a testament to the quality of the cleaning.

You need to clean the S5 Pro after every use, which can take a reasonable amount of time and effort. 

The S5 pro does feature a self-cleaning function, which runs when you return the cleaner to the charger. But after it’s done, you still need to empty the clean and dirty water tanks, remove the mop head and clean it, plus wipe out the surrounding parts, leaving them to dry completely before reuse. 

You do get a second mop head and HEPA filter in the box, so you can swap them while one dries. However, you will end up spending quite some time cleaning the cleaner. 

The dirty water tank on the vacuum has filled up with grey water.


If your home predominantly features hard floors rather than carpets, then the Tineco One S5 Pro is a great option. It combines your vacuum and mop into a single appliance that will keep your floor shiny and clean. 

Partner it with a robot vacuum cleaner, and you will notice the difference in your home’s cleanliness.

If your home features multiple carpeted areas, then you won’t get the same benefit as it can’t help you clean those areas.

Furthermore, be warned that you will need to clean the S5 Pro after every use, a process that takes a bit of time, and isn’t as easy as emptying the barrel of a stick vacuum.

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