Roborock’s answer to a hard floor wet and dry cleaner will let me mop under the bed

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I’ve tested a bunch of Tineco wet floor cleaners in the past year, and my number one issue with all of them is how inflexible they are for reaching under my bed.

Dyson has just announced its WashG1 that promises to tackle this issue, but it’s not the only company. Roborock has also announced a new wet and dry floor cleaner, the Roborock Flexi Pro, which can effectively lie flat to let you clean under furniture, so long as the gap is higher than 15 cm.

This is a pretty decent clearance height for any vacuum or mop, really, so I’m keen to see if it can get under everything.

Clearance height aside, this seems like it’s got a lot of the required bells and whistles too.

You get 17,000 Pa of suction, which combines with the Flexi Pro’s water spray module and roller scraper to suck up all the dirty water, while only applying clean water to your floors.

The cleaning head offers edge-to-edge cleaning, cleaning to a distance of 1mm from your walls. It also has LED lights at the front like the Tineco Floor One S7 Pro to help make cleaning dark areas nice and easily.

Also similar to models from Tineco is the adaptive cleaning technology. Roborock calls it “Dirtect”, but essentially it just pumps up the suction and scrubbing when it detects dirtier sections of your floor, making it easier to clean.

The cleaning appliance also offers automatic adaptive wheels to make it easier to push and pull when you move it around the home.

The Roborock Flexi Pro comes with a base station that offers an automatic cleaning mode, which scrapes and washes the cleaning roller in two directions with water heated to 60ºC, to ensure it’s properly cleaned.

It then dries it with 55ºC hot air to make sure there are no musty smells through your home.

Roborock reckons the Flexi Pro has enough battery for 50 minutes of cleaning, with tanks that can clean up to 420 square metres before you need to change them.

Roborock Flexi Lite cleaning under a cabinet

Also, there’s a cheaper “Lite” model

Roborock hasn’t skimped on anything with the Pro model, but it knows not everyone will be able to afford that model’s asking price.

So it’s also launching the Flexi Lite, a more affordable option with most of the same features, just a few compromises here and there from a specs perspective.

What sacrifices? Well, the battery is smaller, as are the water tanks. It also only offers a “Standard” roller scrubbing module, rather than the “Floating” design in the pro model.

Its base will only clean the roller with room temperature water (instead of the 60ºC temperature of the Pro), and the elf drying temperature is slightly less at 50ºC as well.

For the most part though, you get a very similar product. 17,000 Pa of suction, 110,000 rpm motor and 1mm edge-to-edge cleaning.

Plus the 15 cm height to clean under furniture, of course.

Flexi Pro vs Flexi Lite specs

I always find its useful to look at specs side by side to see the differences. So here you go:

Flexi ProFlexi Lite
Suction Power17,000 Pa17,000Pa
Motor Speed110,000 rpm110,000 rpm
Battery capacity4,000 mAh2,500 mAh
Max Run Time (Eco mode)50 mins40 mins
Clean Tank capacity730 ml620 ml
Dirty Tank capacity450 ml400ml
Roller Scrubbing Module TypeFloatingStandard
Cleaning ModeAuto / Max / Eco / Floor drying modeAuto / Max / Eco / Floor drying mode
Edge-to-edge cleaning1 mm1 mm
FlatReach designYesYes
SlideTech Automated wheelsYesNo
DirTect Smart sensorYesYes
Self-Cleaning Temperature60ºCRoom temperature
Self-Drying Temperature55ºC50ºC
App connectivityYesNo
Voice AlertYesYes
Indicator DisplayLEDLED
Net Weight5 kg4 kg

Pricing and availability

Both models in the new Roborock Flexi range will be available to purchase from 31 May.

  • The Flexi Pro has an RRP of $999
  • The Flexi Lite has an RRP of $699

You’ll be able to pick the new floor cleaners up from Roborock directly.

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