Tineco gets steamy with the new Floor One S7 Steam wet and dry vacuum

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Tineco has been making pretty solid wet and dry vacuums for a while now. The Floor One S7 Pro was fantastic at cleaning my floor during my time reviewing it, and while I haven’t finished the review of the S6 Pro Extreme, early impressions are positive.

But I like the sound of the Floor One S7 Steam. Building on the S7 Pro, this new model uses steam heated to 140°C to properly clean sticky messes and stubborn stains more quickly.

This means it vacuums, mops and steam cleans in a single clean, cleaning and sanitising hard floors.

HyperSteam Technology

The key selling point here is the HyperSteam technology. The S7 Steam offers two modes tailored for larger messes or stubborn single stains.

But the steam is heated to a high 140°C and is paired with a soft roller, which helps you achieve a spotless clean faster.

Like all the Tineco products I’ve tested, the Floor One S7 Steam features iLoop technology to help detect dirt and dust on the floor, adjusting the suction power and water flow and roller speed to help make the cleaning faster.

While you clean, the Floor One S7 Steam uses an internal brush scraper to continuously wash and rinse the roller with fresh water at 450 RPMs.

You get the same self-propulsion and dual-sided edge cleaning as the S7 Pro, plus LED lighting at the front of the vacuum to highlight the path in front.

Pricing and Availability

The Tineco Floor One S7 Steam is available at JB Hi-Fi and coming soon to other Australian retailers.

It has an RRP of $1,199.


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