The best Air Fryers in Australia for 2024 will have you cooking up a storm


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Having one of the best air fryers in your kitchen means two things: You enjoy tasty food cooked to perfection, and you like easy cooking.

Air fryers are designed to cook food with a minimum of effort. They use a minimal mount of oil to help keep the food as healthy as possible.

This style of cooking also helps ensure that the food is cooked evenly, taking a fraction of the time it takes to cook in a regular oven

But how do you choose the right model?

There are a lot of different air fryers on the market, and it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose the best model for your needs.

To help narrow down the selection, we’ve gone and done a lot of the research for you.

By searching the top sites on Google and then consolidating the recommendations of 10 of the best reviews sites, we’ve come up with this list of air fryers.

Of course, not everybody has the same needs. So if you don’t feel that one of these models is quite right for you, we’ve also broken down the things you should consider before you buy an air fryer.

These are the best air fryers in Australia right now

Ninja Foodi AF300 Dual Zone air fryer

Recommended by 70% of review sites

Ninja was the first manufacturer to deliver an air fryer with two large, 3.8L baskets allowing you to cook an entire meal at the same time.

The Foodi Dual Zone air fryer offers six customisable cooking functions, including Roast, Bake, Reheat and Dehydrate.

Simple controls let you easily sync across the two cooking areas, so you can have your meat and vegetables finish cooking at the same time

Ninja Air Fryer Max AF160

Recommended by 60% of review sites

Capable of cooking at temperatures as high as 240-degrees Celcius, the Air Fryer Max from Ninja is a powerhouse in the kitchen.

It features six different iQ settings, so you can do everything from dehydrating to roasting inside its large, 5.2-litre body.

Parts are dishwasher safe as well, so cleaning up is a breeze. It’s exactly what you’re looking for in an air fryer.

How we chose the best air fryers in Australia

Review sites – including this one – are subjective by nature. Everybody has a different opinion of what is best.

So to try and counter the fact that every best guide on the internet has a different opinion of what is best, we approached our list by combining the results of some of the top sites recommending air fryers on the market today.

To determine this list, we followed the same journey most consumers would follow: we went to Google.

We searched for “Best air fryer” and identified 10 sites from the top results. It’s important to note that Google results can change often. The full list of sites we referenced is outlined below:

Top ranking sites

We listed out all of the air fryers listed on each site, tidying up any slight differences in spelling for consistency.

For air fryers, we consolidated the Breville and Sage products. Breville is known as Sage in the UK, and some guides referenced Sage products. Rather than exclude them entirely, we opted to consolidate them.

We then calculated the frequency in which each product was mentioned across those 10 guides. The more frequently a product is mentioned, the more agreement there is between experts reviewing these products that it is, indeed one of the best products available.

We set a minimum of four mentions across all 10 guides to be eligible for inclusion here.

Before we created this page we took some time to remove products that are either unavailable, or difficult to find in Australia.

We also leveraged our own experience with products to ensure that we wouldn’t be recommending any product that doesn’t deliver.

Best air fryers buying guide

The Philips Premium Air Fryer XXL, with some food that it cooked. It is one of the best air fryers in Australia right now.

Buying an air fryer is about ease and convenience in the kitchen. Whether you want to buy one of the products listed above or something completely different, these are the things to look out for when buying an air fryer.

Air fryer dimensions

The first question you need to ask yourself is where will you use the air fryer. Measure out the space on your kitchen bench so you can understand what models will physically fit in your home. Will it fit next to your coffee machine?

If you have cupboards on the wall, be aware that a lot of air fryers open vertically, which may mean you can’t use them in some places in the kitchen.


Are you looking to regularly cook for one, or a large family? Understanding how much you plan on cooking with the air fryer will help guide you to buy the right model.

If you are looking to cook a lot, consider a dual-basket model like the Instant Vortex Plus Dual air fryer.

If in doubt and you have the space to accommodate it, bigger is typically better here. You don’t have to fill the basket every time, but if you do need to cook a lot at once, a smaller capacity air fryer won’t be able to do it in one go.

Cooking modes and features

Many of the best air fryers today don’t just air fry. They also bake, roast, reheat and dehydrate food.

Look for the different cooking modes before you buy to make sure your air fryer does everything you need it to.

Also look at specialised features. Examples include syncing your cooking between baskets, or intelligently sensing the food’s cooking and adjusting the temperature and cooking time to get it right every time.

If you like to see your food cooking, look for models with a glass window so you can watch and check without having to open it up.

Ease of cleaning

It’s important to know how easy it is to clean your air fryer before you buy it.

Many models offer dishwasher safe components, but you should always check which components that includes.

Often, only the inside trays are dishwasher safe, while the baskets themselves need to be handwashed.


Cheap air fryers can be picked up for as little as $70. Larger premium models can cost as much as $700.

For a high-quality, versatile air fryer with multiple cooking modes and plenty of space, you should expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars at least.

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