Unlock your kitchen’s potential with the best blender in Australia in 2024

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Whether you’re looking to make smoothies, cocktails or soups, the best blender in Australia is going to do the job for you.

But which is the best blender? There are dozens of different models on the market today from a variety of brands. There are compact, portable models and larger, stronger models. Do you need a benchtop blender? Or will a good stick blender be best for you? Do you need a blender for smoothies?

So how do you choose the right model?

To help you find the best model for your needs, we’ve done extensive research to determine this list of the best blenders in Australia, as recommended by top review sites.

We’ve also broken down all the different features and functions you should be aware of when shopping for a blender so you can be sure to buy the right model for your needs.

These are the best blenders in Australia right now:

KitchenAid K400

KitchenAid K400 with the BTTR Hall of Fame badge
9.8Expert Score
Powerful blending for delicious smoothies
The KitchenAid K400 is a powerful, versatile blender that chops down everything well.
  • Stylish design in a range of colours
  • Easy to clean
  • SImple controls, but powerful options
  • Hard to get good consistency when lightly chopping
  • Fairly bulky
KitchenAid K400 blender review

New KitchenAid K400 Variable Speed Blender KSB4027 Hall of Fame

The Kitchenaid K400 is a powerful blender that’s easy to use and easy to clean.
AU $449.00 AU $549.00 Buy now
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Recommended by 50% of review sites

The KitchenAid K400 is designed for the toughest blending situations. It can blend items like carrots, chia seeds and kale from whole to smooth in just 20 seconds.

Featuring KitchenAid’s asymmetrical blade system and a ribbed jar design, the K400 creates a vortex to ensure everything gets blended thoroughly.

Five manual speed settings, plus dedicated programs for smoothies, icy drinks and crushing ice make this an extremely versatile blender.

The 1.7 litre jug is dishwasher safe, while the blender also features a dedicated cleaning mode to help clean the jar.

Vitamix A3500i Ascent

Recommended by 50% of review sites

The Vitamix A3500i blender is an incredible blender, with five pre-programmed settings and a touch interface.

The blender will automatically detect when you attach different sized jugs, and adjust he program settings accordingly.

It only comes with a 2-litre container in the box, but you can pick up a blending cup and bowl pack to get more out of the blender.

Self-cleaning mode takes the hassle out of keeping the A3500i clean.

Vitamix E310 Explorian

Recommended by 40% of review sites

With 10 manual speed settings, plus a dedicated pulse feature, the Vitamix Explorian E310 is designed for versatility.

The high performance 2HP motor can blend even the toughest ingredients.

The E310 also features a 1.4-Litre jug that is dishwasher safe, though Vitamix claims the blender can clean itself with some warm water and dish soap on the highest blend setting.

Breville The 3X Bluicer

Recommended by 40% or review sites

Breville’s 3X Bluicer is exactly what it sounds like – a combination of a blender and a juicer.

It is designed to let you extract fresh juice directly into a large 1.5-litre blender jug, so you can create fresh slushies, smoothies and cocktails.

The fact it combines two appliances into one means you can save some of your precious cupboard space.

Five manual speed settings and four one-touch programs make the 3X Bluicer a great addition to the kitchen.

Zwilling Enfinigy portable blender

Recommended by 30% of review sites

This compact, portable blender is designed for making single serve smoothies or shakes.

It features a convenient drinking lid, which allows you to take the 500ml jar with you and drink directly from it, without worrying about spills or mess.

It’s dishwasher safe, and has simple pulse and smoothie settings.

Its motor may be a little underpowered compared to some of the other models listed here. However, given it’s designed to be used for simple smoothie making, that shouldn’t be held against it.

Breville The Super Q

Recommended by 40% of review sites

The Super Q from Breville is a commercial-grade blender for your home kitchen.

It comes with two jugs: A massive 2-litre jug for making soups, cocktails, sauces, grinding spices and more, and a smaller 700ml jug for personal smoothies and shakes.

12 manual speed settings and 5 one-touch programs give incredible versatility to the Super Q. The blender also boasts noise suppression technology to help reduce the volume of its blending.

KitchenAid K150

Recommended by 30% of review sites

KitchenAid describes the K150 as the perfect ice crushing blender. It features a unique asymmetric blade that can crush ice in less than 10 seconds.

With a 1.4-litre plastic jar, three speed settings and a 0.9 peak HP motor, the K150 is the perfect blender for making smoothies or iced drinks, but not so good for blending nuts or whole foods.

The fact that it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, and comes in a range of colours to match your kitchen design makes it easy to see why this is one of the most recommended blenders in Australia today.

Breville The Fresh and Furious

Recommended by 30% of review sites

The Fresh and Furious blender from Breville is designed with simplicity in mind. Dedicated illuminated buttons for smoothie, green smoothie and ice crush sit above five speed buttons.

An LCD display counts up when blending on a speed setting, or counts down for the pre-programmed settings.

The 1.5-litre jug is paired with Breville’s Assist lid. This offers a unique pull ring design to make it easy to remove, yet firmly secure when in operation.

How we chose the best blender in Australia

Review sites – including this one – are subjective by nature. Everybody has a different opinion of what is best.

So to try and counter the fact that every best guide on the internet has a different opinion of what is best, we approached our list by combining the results of some of the top sites recommending blenders on the market today.

To determine this list, we followed the same journey most consumers would follow: we went to Google.

We searched for “Best blender” and identified 10 of the top results. It’s important to note that Google results can change often. The full list of sites we referenced is outlined below:

Top ranking sites

We listed out all of the blenders listed on each site, tidying up any slight differences in spelling for consistency.

We then calculated the frequency in which each product was mentioned across those 10 guides. The more frequently a product is mentioned, the more agreement there is between experts reviewing these products that it is, indeed, one of the best products available.

We set a minimum of three mentions across all 10 guides to be eligible for inclusion in our guide to the best blender in Australia.

Before we created this page we took some time to remove products that are either unavailable, or difficult to find in Australia.

We also leveraged our own experience with products to ensure that we wouldn’t be recommending any product that doesn’t deliver.

Guide to buying the best blender in Australia

one the best blender in Australia, the Vitamix A3500i

Whether you want to buy one of the products featured above or something different, these are the things to look for when choosing the best blender in Australia.

Blender type

Blenders come in a few different styles.

There’s the standard benchtop blender, which features a fairly narrow jug with blades at the bottom.

There are also stick blenders, which are also known as hand blenders or immersion blenders, which feature the blades at the end of a long stick, which can be inserted into a saucepan to blend its contents.

Personal blenders (sometimes called portable blenders) are smaller versions of a benchtop blender, and are typically designed for a single serve smoothie or shake.

Finally, super blenders are designed for more intensive blending tasks, like milling flour or grinding down spices.

Size and Capacity

Most blenders (excluding stick blenders) will come with a jug to hold all the blended materials.

Check the size of the jug to make sure it’s big enough for your needs.

Also consider the material the jug is made from. Today, most jugs are made from plastic, though you can still find glass jugs.

Also check whether you can use your blender with multiple jug sizes. Some models will let you use different jugs for different purposes, which could be useful if you want to make different types of foods.

It’s also important to check the blender’s size. If you plan on storing it in a cupboard, it will need to fit. If you plan on leaving it on the bench, make sure it doesn’t take up too much space beforehand.

Ease of cleaning

Being able to make a smoothie for breakfast in the morning may be convenient, but not if you have to spend 3 times as long pulling the blender apart to wash it up by hand.

Many of the best blender models in Australia have a self-clean mode, which allows you to wash the blender with warm water and dishwashing liquid by using the blender itself.

Also look for dishwasher-safe components.

Speed settings and functions

Blenders typically come with a range of manual and preset speeds and functions. Ultimately, what you will need will depend on how you plan to use the blender. Look for models with at least low, high and pulse settings to ensure versatility.


You can pick up a budget blender for under $100, but expect to pay upward of $1,500 for a top of the line model.

Blenders are an investment that should last for a number of years. Some brands even offer a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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