The best stick blenders in Australia in 2024 will get you ready for soup season

We've rounded up the best stick blender models in Australia so you can make soups, smoothies and baby food quickly and easily.

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Sometimes when you need to blend or puree food, having to transfer everything from a pan to a blender is a lot of hassle. The best stick blenders will help you create creamy meals in your own pots or pans.

Also known as hand blenders or immersion blenders, stick blenders put the sharp, spinning blades of a blender at the end of a stick. Some models let you replace the stick with attachments like whisks or beaters so you can use it for other food preparation as well.

So how do you choose the right model?

If you’re looking to buy a stick blender, we’ve done extensive research to determine this list of the best blenders in Australia, as recommended by top review sites.

We’ve also broken down all the different features and functions you should be aware of when shopping for an immersion blender so you can be sure to buy the right model for your needs.

These are the best stick blenders in Australia right now:

Breville The Control Grip

Recommended by 60% of review sites

With an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold while blending, the Control Grip hand blender from Breville was recommended by six out of 10 of the referenced review sites.

Unique anti-suction technology allows you to control exactly when and where it blends. The 20cm immersion depth makes it ideal for any pot or container too.

A non-scratch base protects your non-stick cookware from damage.

It also comes with a 1.25-litre jug with lid, plus a 740ml chopping bowl and a dedicated whisk attachment, making it incredibly versatile in your kitchen.

KitchenAid Cordless hand blender

Recommended by 60% of review sites

The cordless variable speed hand blender from KitchenAid gives you absolute freedom to blend anywhere and everywhere.

The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery holds enough charge to blend 25 bowls of soup.

That means you can take it away with you on holiday and cook up a storm while away without having to pack the charger.

With two blending speeds, and a dedicated whisk attachment, this KitchenAid hand blender is good for almost any kitchen blending task.

Vitamix Immersion blender

Recommended by 40% of review sites

Designed for one-handed use, the Vitamix Immersion blender allows you to add ingredients with your free hand while you blend.

The four-pronged blade and 625-watt motor make short work of any type of food. Five speed settings give you absolute control over your blending.

The unique bell guard at the end of the Vitamix Immersion blender will protect your pots and pans, while also reducing suction and giving you an even blending experience.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Variable Speed Hand Blender

Recommended by 40% of review sites

The premium look and feel of the Cuisinart Smart Stick variable speed blender reinforce the fact that this stick blender is recommended by four out of 10 top review sites.

Not only can it blend parts at two different speeds using the ergonomic speed slide control, but it comes with dedicated whisk, chopper and grinder attachments.

You can easily use it to make dips, nut crumbs or whip cream.

A 700ml mixing and measuring cup make it a great option for shakes anda rival for the best smoothie blenders.

Smeg Hand Immersion Blender

Recommended by 30% of review sites

Smeg has carved out an incredible niche for itself with its 50s-inspired kitchen appliances. The Smeg Hand Immersion blender is no exception.

Ergonomically designed with a non-slip handle, the blender offers stainless steel blades with a bell design to create the perfect consistency.

You can adjust the speeds using the top of the blender, while the included accessories make it easy to whisk, blend and mash easily.

Braun MultiQuick 5

Recommended by 30% of review sites

The MultiQuick 5 delivers exceptional level of control, with 21 different speeds, all selectable with your thumb via the rotating control wheel at the top of the blender.

The floral shape on the hand blender’s shaft is designed to minimise splashback, as well as a finer blending result.

It comes with a range of attachments that can be easily replaced with Braun’s EasyClick system, including a whisk, puree and food processor

Braun MultiQuick 9

Recommended by 30% of review sites

Braun’s flagship hand blender is a complete chopping solution, working not just as a hand blender but as a handheld food processor.

With both high and low speeds, plus pulse modes, the MultiQuick 9 comes with the hand blender, a large food processor unit with seven different processing attachments.

It also comes with a compact chopper unit which can be used to crush ice, a puree accessory and a whisk attachment.

All-Clad cordless rechargeable hand blender

Offering five speeds and a cordless design for absolute versatility, this hand blender from All-Clad is one of the best stick blenders you can buy.

Three out of 10 review sites recommend it.

With a quick-charge base that will fully charge the blender in just two hours, the stylish stainless steel wand can be removed for easy cleaning and storage.

How we chose the best stick blender in Australia

Review sites – including this one – are subjective by nature. Everybody has a different opinion of what is best.

So to try and counter the fact that every best guide on the internet has a different opinion of what is best, we approached our list by combining the results of some of the top sites recommending hand blenders on the market today.

To determine this list, we followed the same journey most consumers would follow: we went to Google.

We searched for “Best stick blender” and identified 10 of the top results. It’s important to note that Google results can change often. We’ve outlined the full list of referenced sites referenced sites below:

Top ranking sites

We listed out all of the immersion blenders listed on each site, tidying up any slight differences in spelling for consistency.

We then calculated the frequency in which each product was mentioned across those 10 guides. The more frequently a product is mentioned, the more agreement there is between experts reviewing these products that it is, indeed, one of the best products available.

We set a minimum of three mentions across all 10 guides to be eligible for inclusion in our guide to the best stick blender in Australia.

Before we created this page we took some time to remove products that are either unavailable, or difficult to find in Australia.

We also leveraged our own experience with products to ensure that we wouldn’t be recommending any product that doesn’t deliver.

Guide to buying the best stick blender in Australia

A lady using a stick blender with a food processor attachment

Whether you want to buy one of the products featured above or something different, these are the things to look for when choosing the best stick blender in Australia.

Corded vs cordless

Decide whether you want to be connected to power while using your hand blender. For the most part, moving to a cordless model could mean sacrificing some power, and if you need to blend a lot of food then cordless may not be the way to go.

Also check whether you can use the blender while charging for a cordless model. The last thing you want is to have to wait two hours for your blender to charge because you didn’t realise the battery was flat.


Stick blenders are pretty straightforward devices, but many brands have taken to offering dedicated attachments to broaden the functionality.

Look for attachments like whisks, food processors and blending jugs.

Ease of cleaning

If the immersion blender has removable parts, check if they can be washed in the dishwasher. It’s going to make a big difference to your satisfaction levels if you don’t have to hand wash everything every time you use it.

Pulse function

Some hand blenders offer one speed. Others offer many speeds. Most importantly of all is the ability to pulse. This lets you break up bigger bits of food and create a more even consistency.


Pricing starts at about $50 for a budget stick blender, but can scale up to $600 or so.

Typically, a good quality model will range between $150-$300, though some models are more and some are less.

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