Where to buy the new PlayStation VR2 in Australia


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After years of development, Sony has finally released the second generation of its virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR2, or as we like to call it, the PSVR2.

As you might expect, the headset jumped straight into our roundup of the best VR headsets in Australia.

It’s not a cheap offering. The package starts at $878, though unlike the first generation PSVR, the PSVR2 will come with two controllers in the box.

When you factor in the price of the PlayStation 5 you will need to own in order to connect the headset, the price has run up significantly.

The other flag is that in order to enjoy the PSVR2, you’re going to need some games to go along with it. Sony has launched a bundle with its flagship launch title Horizon Call of the Mountain.

That bundle will set you back at least $958, but promises to be a lot of fun.

Where to buy PSVR2 online

Buy PSVR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle

Alternative options

We’ve listed as many retailers we could find stocking the bundle above, but things could sell out fast.

In those situations, you still have options.

First up, you could head to eBay. eBay typically has a significant markup on new products, particularly if they are in high demand.

If you’re not worried about the asking price, then that could be a good option.


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