I would wear the heck out of the OPPO Air Glass 3 prototype AR glasses


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I tried Google Glass once. I loved it. Sure, it was a deeply flawed product, but the idea of discreet visual notifications and information excited me a decade ago. And it still does.

At Mobile World Congress, OPPO introduced its latest prototype for AR glasses, the OPPO Air Glass 3. And while there’s no indication it will ever hit retail shelves, I’m going on the record to say I’d wear them.

Weighing just 50 grams, the OPPO Air Glass 3 promises an experience like a regular pair of glasses, but with an integrated display capable of a peak eye brightness of over 1000 nits.

But the real muscle in this prototype isn’t the display, but the AI integration.

With a simple tap of the temple of the Air Glass 3, the glasses will connect to OPPO’s own AndesGPT on a connected smartphone for voice control.

Naturally, there is also touch control on the arms, and integrated speakers so you can control music, make and receive phone calls and playback images on the glasses’ screens.

OPPO also promises functions like a teleprompter, a translator, and navigation instructions.

Will we ever see the Air Glass 3 in Australia?

Probably not in a retail form factor, though never say never.

While Google Glass was unveiled over 10 years ago, the form factor is still somewhat in its infancy. I expect there will be a few massive technical improvements both to the style and battery life, as well as the AI functionality, before we actually see a version on store shelves.

Which is a shame, because I would definitely wear the hell out of these.



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