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Thinking about picking up one of those shiny new Samsung Galaxy S23 phones, but not sure which is right for you?

Allow us to help. We’ve pulled together the key specs across all three devices so you can easily compare Samsung Galaxy S23 models side by side.

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Compare Samsung Galaxy S23 key differences

There are a handful of key differences between the models.

Just like the past few generations the Galaxy S23 Plus is essentially the same phone as the Galaxy S23, except with a bigger screen and battery.

There are a few other minor differences, but the camera system, display resolution and sensors are all the same.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra model is where the real differences come into play.

Like last year, Samsung has included an S-Pen stylus in the body of the Ultra, giving it a notepad-like versatility.

The display’s size and resolution get notched up in the Ultra as well. The larger storage variants also end up with a bit more memory as well.

But the biggest difference between the Ultra and standard and Plus variants is the rear camera.

The main camera on the Ultra packs a whopping 200MP sensor, versus the 50MP version in the other phones.

There is also an additional camera on the Ultra, which particularly helps the phone excel at nighttime star photography.

We’ll try and review all the phones to compare the real-life differences between them soon. In the meantime, why not take advantage of these pre-order offers.


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