Swann HomeShield voice assistant uses AI to help keep your home safe


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I have a lot of home security gadgets around my home, from the Echo Hub to smart lights, video doorbells and robot vacuums. But I still long for a proper intelligent assistant like JARVIS from Iron Man to really give my home a personality.

I’m not sure that the Swann HomeShield will be quite what I’m looking for, but it does sound like a good step in the right direction.

Arriving in May, Swann HomeShield is an AI-driven voice assistant designed to keep your home secure. According to the announcement, It will communicate with visitors and invaders with natural, human like reactions.

The AI will use heat and motion-based sensors in compatible Swann video doorbells, cameras and security devices, and combine it with video analytics and activity pattern analysis.

It will then be able to interact with visitors autonomously, from accepting packages from couriers and screening unexpected visitors.

“Swann HomeShield represents a paradigm shift in smart security solutions. This launch is a big step of accessible AI amongst everyday consumers, offering an easy and affordable solution to not just easily accept deliveries and screen unexpected visitors when they’re not at home, but also help keep families safe.

Powered by Amazon Bedrock’s cutting-edge AI capabilities with Anthropic’s Claude 3 Haiku, Swann HomeShield sets a new benchmark for intelligent home protection, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and customer safety.

When Claude 3 Haiku launched on Amazon Bedrock, we switched from Claude 2.1 in a couple of hours, and the speed of responses is 30% faster and significantly more accurate.”

Alex Talevski, CEO of Swann Security

Pricing and compatible devices

When it launches in May, Swann HomeShield will be a part of the Unlimited plan on Secure+.

The Unlimited Plan costs $12.99 per month, and offers support for all your Swann home security devices.

In terms of product support, HomeShield will be easily integrated with the following products:


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