Eufy adds new security, baby and cleaning products to its smart home range


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The latest Eufy latest launch shows just how broad smart home is as a category, with the company launching everything from smart doorbells to baby monitors and robot vacuums in a single announcement.

There are a number of products unveiled, so let’s break it down:

Home security

Eufy solocam S340

Eufy has long been at the forefront of smart home security products. Expanding on the brand’s current position in the market, Eufy has announced the S350 Indoor Cam, S340 Solocam, E340 Floodlight, and the E340 Dual Cam Solo Video Doorbell.

The E340 Dual Cam Solo Video Doorbell features a dual-light system, which enables crystal clear colour video even at night. 

The Security SoloCam S340 is also noteworthy, with features like AI tracking, 8 x hybrid zoom and powered by solar energy. It can even store enough solar power to operate for a week of complete darkness.


Eufy’s latest vacuum, the X8 Pro SES, is an upgraded version of the brand’s X8 Hybrid from 2021. It promises almost double the cleaning performance over its predecessor, the X8.

It is also equipped with an auto-detangling roller brush which is perfect for pet owners, as it efficiently removes 89% of pet hair. without any manual intervention.

With its expansive Self-Empty Station, you’ll get up to 45 days of hands-free cleaning. The 2.5L large capacity bacteriostatic dust bag within the Self-Empty Station keeps 99.9% of dust and debris sealed inside, thanks to a triple-filtration system.

Eufy has a history of appearing in our list of the best robot vacuums, so we’ll see how the X8 Pro SES performs when we get our hands on it soon.


Eufy baby monitor

With home security and cleanliness, covered, it makes sense that the next stop on the Eufy announcement train is baby products.

First up is the advanced Baby Monitor E210, which has an optional add-on Camera to give parents absolute peace of mind their baby is safe.

The Smart Sock S340 acts as a wellness companion for parents of newborns, providing critical insights into the baby’s health, sleep patterns, heart rate, and more.

Pricing and availability

All products are available now through Eufy’s online store and JB Hi-Fi. Here’s a full rundown of pricing:

eufy Security

  • eufy Security S350 Indoor Camera – $249
  • eufy Security S340 Solocam – $399
  • eufy Security E340 Floodlight – $379 
  • eufy Security E340 Dual Camera Solo Video Doorbell – $349 

eufy Baby

  • eufy Baby Wi-Fi Baby Monitor – A$199 
  • eufy Baby Monitor E210 – $329 
  • eufy Baby Add-on Camera for Baby Monitor (for E210) – $159 
  • eufy Baby Smart Sock S320 – $349
  • eufy Baby Smart Sock S340 (Smart Sock S320 and Wi-Fi Baby Monitor bundle) – $549 

eufy Clean

  • eufy Clean X8 Pro SES – $999


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