DJI launches Osmo Action 4, going head to head with the GoPro HERO 11 Black for your action


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There was a time when GoPro was the only real player in the action camera space, but in the 2020s the market is a bit more crowded. Today, DJI has celebrated the launch of its latest action camera, the Osmo Action 4. It’s a clear competitor for the GoPro HERO 11 Black.

The specs look promising: the Osmo Action 4 houses a 1/1.3″ image sensor, with a wide f/2.8 aperture and a 150-degree wide field of view.

It can shoot 4K video at 120 frames per second, while the sensor and lens promise high quality even in low light conditions.

DJI has its own horizon locking for impressive image stabilisation, so you can make sure all of your first-person action clips look incredible.

Impressively, the Osmo Action 4 is waterproof to 18 metres without a case, so you can capture truly impressive underwater scenes easily, with simple controls designed to let you switch modes even under the waves.

Battery prowess

DJI claims that you’ll be able to film for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. When you do need to charge, 18 minutes will get you from flat to 80%.

For anyone looking to push the limits of the camera in the cold, know that it can record up to 150 minutes in temperatures as low as -20ºC.

Mic check

Three inbuilt microphones and advanced wind reduction software allow you to record high quality stereo audio with the Osmo Action 4.

If you prefer, there is also support for external microphone connections, so you can make sure the audio is perfect.

You can also use the camera to broadcast live over Wi-Fi, connecting to your phone’s hotspot, though you may need to connect the camera to an external power supply to make sure you don’t run it of juice.

Accessories and mounts

Naturally, DJI has delivered a long list of accessories and mounts for the Osmo Action 4, so you can take the camera to pretty much any situation.

Among the options are:

  • Osmo Action Chest Strap Mount
  • Osmo Action Helmet Chin Mount
  • Osmo Action 60m Waterproof Case
  • DJI Floating Handle
  • Osmo Action Adhesive Base Kit
  • Osmo Action Bike Seat Rail Mount
  • Osmo Action Mini Handlebar Mount
  • Osmo Action 360° Wrist Strap
  • Osmo Action GPS Bluetooth Remote Controller
  • Osmo Action Mini Extension Rod
  • Osmo Backpack Strap Mount
  • Osmo Action Multifunctional Battery Case
  • Osmo Action Hanging Neck Mount

Pricing and availability

You can pick up the DJI Osmo Action 4 from today, with the standard bundle set for an RRP of $629.

It includes the Osmo Action 4, one Osmo Action Extreme Battery, the Osmo Action Horizontal-Vertical Protective Frame, the Osmo Action Quick-Release Adapter Mount, the Osmo Action Curved Adhesive Base, an Osmo Locking Screw, a Type-C to Type-C PD Cable, an Osmo Action Lens Hood, and an Osmo Action Anti-Slip Pad.

A premium Adventure combo is also available for $819.

It includes the Osmo Action 4, three Osmo Action Extreme Batteries, the Osmo Action Horizontal-Vertical Protective Frame, an Osmo Action Quick-Release Adapter Mount, one mini Osmo Action Quick-Release Adapter Mount, one Osmo Action Curved Adhesive Base, two Osmo Locking Screws, a Type-C to Type-C PD Cable, the Osmo Action Multifunctional Battery Case, one Osmo 1.5m Extension Rod, one Osmo Action Lens Hood, and one Osmo Action Anti-Slip Pad. 



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