Samsung’s first 2024 TV, the OLED S95D, arrives 18 March


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One of the most exciting things about writing about technology is how every year, engineers somehow seem to find ways to make products better. Samsung has just announced the OLED S95D TV, the first of its 2024 lineup, will launch next week, and it sounds great.

Set to launch in three screen sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch, the big selling point for the new Samsung OLED is the company’s “OLED Anti-Glare technology”.

Samsung reckons its new anti-glare tech will preserve colour accuracy while reducing reflections and maintaining the image’s sharpness. The coating was specifically designed for the OLED S95D, and has helped the TV series to be verified as “Glare Free” by independent safety science company Underwriters Laboratories.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a new era of television viewing that promises to redefine entertainment standards. Our insights show that Anti-Glare technology is a top priority for consumers when purchasing a TV, and at Samsung, we’re proud to play a part in redefining the landscape by bringing this world-first feature to our OLED range. With many Australians’ living in bright or light-filled rooms, this new technology helps to ensure Australians can enjoy a low interruption viewing experience, regardless of their TV preference”

Jeremy Senior, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia

On the specs side of things, the S95D is powered by Samsung’s NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor. The TV is engineered with over 8 million pixels each one comprising three red, green and blue sub-pixels, and when combined with the NQ4 AI Gen2, allows the TV to intensely cinematic and colourful pictures.

It’s also enabled the S95D to become the world’s first Pantone-validated HDR OLED. Whether that’s enough for it to make it to the top of our list of the best TVs in Australia is yet to be seen.

Pricing and availability

The S95D will be available from Samsung’s website and all major retailers from Monday 18 March. It will launch in three sizes, with prices outlined below:

  • 77-inches – RRP: $9,281.00
  • 65-inches –  RRP: $5,800.00
  • 55-inches – RRP: $4,640.00



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