LG has a whopping 38 TVs in its 2024 lineup, and they are spectacular

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LG has taken the covers off its 2024 lineup of televisions for Australia at a launch event in Sydney, and there are a huge number to TV models choose from.

2024 sees 38 models, across 12 different product lines, with everything from gigantic 97-inch OLED models to a literal TV in a suitcase.

I got to spend a short amount of time seeing and learning about the new LG TVs: here’s what you can expect.

Let’s start with OLED

LG 2024 TV launch


LG’s 4th gen entry-level OLED, the OLED B4, has actually launched 20% cheaper than last year’s B3, which is a nice change of pace from the usual price increases.

Available in 55 and 65 inch sizes, the new B4 panels TK

OLED evo C4

With a smaller bezel than the B4, the C4 packs a lot more punch into the package. C4 panels are 22 times brighter than the cheaper B4 models, with LG’s brightness booster functionality which gives everything you’re watching more pop and sizzle.

While last year’s C3 panel was widely regarded as one of the best TVs in Australia, this year’s C4 looks to improve performance across the board.

The OLED evo C4 will be available in 42, 48, 55, 65, 77 and 83-inch models.

LG 2024 TV launch

OLED evo G4

Last year’s OLED evo G3 was a stunning display that was one of the few products we tested to make the Hall of Fame.

Side by side against it, this year’s G4 looks brighter, sharper and more colourful.

LG has dropped its latest TV processor, the Alpha 11, into this year’s G4 panels, delivering a 70% improvement in graphic performance and a 30 percent faster processing speed.

The G4 will be available in 55, 65, 77 and 83-inch screen sizes, with all models launching this month.

LG 2024 TV launch

OLED evo M4

While the G4 is the premium panel for most people, LG’s M4 is the company’s actual flagship. It’s effectively the G4 panel, but with all the connections and posrts stripped out to a separate box that wirelessly connects to the display.

This means you get big screens – the M4 comes in 77, 83 and 97-inch sizes – as well as the ability to mount the television in interesting ways.

To be transparent – LG didn’t have the M4 on display, but it was showing off the M3 TV you see above, which was quite eye-catching despite being last-year’s model.

QNED for big screens at a lower price

LG 2024 TV launch

While LG has staked its brand on the massive appeal of OLED in the big-screen, it also caters to the discerning TV buyer who wants a big-screen, but at a lower cost.

About 50% of TVs sold in Australia are LED backlit, so it makes sense for LG to have a hand in that segment too.

The LED-lit QNED models are how it caters to that audience. QNED stands for “Quantum Nano-Emitting Diode”, and it’s a layer that LG puts in the screen and it can turn an average tv into an amazing tv for colour.

This year, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s break it down:


With an entry-level Alpha 5 Gen 7 processor, the QNED81 series offer vibrant colours and deeper clarity than previous generations, at prices that start at $1,099.

The QNED81 comes in 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 86-inch variants, with all sizes except the 86-inch available in March. The 86 will arrive in April.


The big step up for the QNED86 series is the inclusion of the higher-powered processor, the Alpha 8, which allows the TVs to have improved colour reproduction, better detail, as well as hardware benefits like 200Hz panels and HDMI 2.1 ports.

LG has also managed to trim down the thickness compared to last year’s TVs, and comes with a metal stand that lets you set the TV at two heights – one that keeps it nice and close to the entertainment unit, and another that raises the hieght enough to place a soundbar underneath.

The QNED86 comes in 55, 65, 75 and 86-inch models.

LG 2024 TV launch


There’s only one size in the QNED89 range, and that’s the monster 98-incher.

Available in May, this behemoth of a screen offers precision dimming thanks to mini-LED backlighting.

Like other models in the 2024 LG QNED range, the QNED89 is enhanced by LG’s AI Picture Pro. This helps the TV present a more realistic image through deep learning that can distinguish faces, objects, and background images with ease to enrich texture and fine details.


The QNED91 is the top of the line LED range in LG’s 2024 lineup.

By shifting from edge lighting to mini LED backlighting, LG is able to create hundreds of dimming zones, which allows the TV to keep the dark areas of the screen black, bringing the picture quality closer to that of the OLED panels.

Available in 65, 75 and 86-inch sizes, the QNED91 range will hit shelves in March (65 and 75 inches) and April (86 inch).

Lifestyle TVs

LG 2024 TV launch

Off the back of last year’s standout StanbyME portable screen, LG has this year announced the StanbyME GO, a 27-inch panel that fits into a suitcase.

With a three hour battery (at full brightness), a robust casing and integrated speakers in the case, this new TV is designed to travel with you.

It offers touchscreen controls, and comes pre-loaded with videos like a fireplace so you can create that campfire feeling without needing to start a fire.

You can also lay the screen flat in the case to enjoy some games like chess or checkers, like an old-fashioned Pong table.

The StanbyME GO is set for release in September.

Pricing and availability

As you can see, there are heaps of TVs being launched this year, so I’m just going to copy and paste the pricing table LG supplied as part of its announcement:

OLED evo M4 OLED97M4  TBA June 
OLED83M4 TBA June 
OLED77M4 TBA June 
 OLED evo G4 OLED83G4  $9,999 March 
OLED77G4 $7,999 March 
OLED65G4 $5,299 March 
OLED55G4 $4,199 March 
 OLED evo C4  OLED83C4 $7,999 April 
OLED77C4  $5,999 March 
OLED65C4  $4,299 March 
OLED55C4  $3,299 March 
OLED48C4  $2,499 March 
OLED42C4  $2,199 March 
OLED B4 OLED65B4  $3,299 March 
OLED55B4  $2,499 March 
 QNED91 86QNED91 $5,499 April 
75QNED91 $3,999 March 
65QNED91 $2,999 March 
QNED89 98QNED89 $8,999 May 
 QNED86 86QNED86  $4,299 April 
75QNED86  $2,999 March 
65QNED86 $2,299 March 
55QNED86 $1,799 March 
QNED81 86QNED81  $3,699 April 
75QNED81 $2,499 March 
65QNED81 $1,899 March 
55QNED81  $1,499 March 
50QNED81 $1,299 March 
43QNED81 $1,099 March 
UT80 86UT80 $2,899 March 
75UT80 $1,899 March 
65UT80 $1,499 March 
55UT80 $1,199 March 
50UT80 $999 March 
43UT80 $899 March 
LG OLED Flex  42LX3Q  $4,999 Available now 
LG StanbyME  27ART10AKPL  $1,999 Available now 
LG StanbyME GO 27LX5QKNA TBA September 


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