The Dyson Zone air purifying headphones are now available in Australia

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The Dyson brand is synonymous with vacuum cleaners, but it has branched out significantly in recent years. From air purifiers to desk lights and hand dryers, the Dyson logo can be found on a broad range of products.

The most recent product bearing the Dyson brand is a somewhat unique offering. The Dyson Zone is a pair of noise cancelling headphones, which come with a removable visor that delivers purified air into your nose and mouth without touching your face.

Dyson spent five years researching and developing the Dyson Zone. The result is a pair of headphones that offer up to 50 hours of playback, boasting 11 microphones of which eight are used to reduce outside noise for a complete noise cancelling experience.

On the audio front, the Zone headphones deliver frequencies between 6Hz and 21kHz, which is a significantly wider range than you’ll find in most headphones these days.

To achieve this performance, Dyson has included 40 mm and 16 ohm neodymium speakers, carefully designed to minimise any distortion during playback.

Designed for comfort

Dyson took inspiration from a horse’s saddle when designing the Zone headphones. Instead of having the weight of the headphones sit on the top of your head, they instead distribute it evenly to the sides.

The earpads are designed to adapt to the shape of the listener’s ear, for enduring comfort and performance.

The end result is a design that is deliberately flatter than most headphones, which Dyson claims aids in both noise reduction and comfort.


Air purification

While the audio experience is obviously paramount for any pair of headphones, the most interesting aspect of the Dyson Zone by far is the detachable air filter.

When attached, compressors in each earcup draw air through double-layer filters, and project two streams of purified air to the user’s nose and mouth.

Dyson claims that the Zone’s electrostatic filters remove particles as small as 0.1 microns from the air, while activated carbon filters will absorb gases like nitrogen dioxide so you don’t have to breathe it in.

It’s not going to help prevent viruses like COVID or the flu, but it might help you avoid breathing in smog or smoke during bushfire season.

Whether you’re prepared to wear the visor out in public though is up to you.

Pricing and availability

The Dyson Zone is available in Australia now through Dyson’s online store.

There are two models on offer:

ProductIncluded in the boxPrice
Dyson Zone Absolute+ limited edition headphones in Prussian blue / bright copperHeadphones, Explorer case, 4x filters, visor cleaning brush, visor sleeve, soft pouch, USB-C and in-flight adaptor kit$1,099
Dyson ZoneTM limited edition headphones in Prussian blue / dark blueHeadphones, Quarter turn case, 2x filters, visor cleaning brush, visor sleeve, USB-C$999



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