The Dyson Supersonic Nural is an intelligent hair dryer that protects your scalp


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Dyson has just announced a new hair dryer, and it’s a high-tech thing of beauty. Named the Supersonic Nural, it features a Time of Flight sensor to detect the dryer’s proximity to your head, and adjust the temperature so you don’t damage your scalp.

I got up close and personal with the Nural at a media event last week, and I was impressed at the multiple layers of technology Dyson has managed to integrate into the new dryer.

Dyson Supersonic Nural lying down

Scalp protect mode

The highlight feature is the scalp detect function. It’s an optional setting controlled by a button on the front of the hair dryer.

When switched on, the Nural uses its integrated Time of Flight sensor to send an infrared beam form the centre of the product towards your scalp, measuring the information up to 2.5 million times a second.

Dyson’s algorithms and transistor then adjust the Nural’s temperature to ensure that regardless of how far from your scalp the dryer is, it’s always maintained at 55 degrees at your scalp. This is the temperature Dyson’s research has indicated is ideal for hair drying and scalp care.

When scalp care mode is switched on, the hair dryer has LEDs inside its central tube that light up to indicated the temperature being blasted out, which changes dynamically based on how close the dryer gets to your head.

Dyson SUpersonic Nural looking through the centre

Intelligent attachments

To support the scalp protect mode on the hair dryer, Dyson has introduced a range of new attachments that come with the Nural. Depending on the level of airflow designed to reach the scalp, some of the attachments don’t directly support the Scalp protect mode.

These new attachments feature 123 unique parts compared with the original Supersonic, with a bump at the end that houses a unique array of magnets, depending on the attachment. This allows the hair dryer to know what attachment has been connected , in order to adjust the settings accordingly.

Dyson has also taken that one step further by allowing the Nural to remember your preferred heat and airflow settings per attachment.

So if you like using the wide tooth comb with scalp protect on low speed, but then switch to the styling concentrator with scalp protect off at high temperature, the Nural will remember your preferred settings when you switch attachments.

Nural lying down next to attachments

Pause detect

I wouldn’t know personally, but according to the folks at Dyson, sometimes it can take hours to dry and style your hair.

The SuperSonic Nural’s integrated accelerometer detects when the hair dryer has been placed on a countertop, and automatically deactivates the heater and decreases the airflow.

Up close with the Nural

Dyson Supersonic Nural: Pricing and Availability

The Dyson Supersonic Nural will be available in Australia on 11 April 2024. It will come with five attachments in the box for an RRP of $749.

The Nural will be available in two colour options: Ceramic Patina and Topaz or Vinca Blue and Topaz.

You’ll be able to pick the hair dryer up from Dyson demo stores or Dyson’s online store.


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