These gifts for teens will force a smile from your adolescents

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They grow up so fast. One day they’re laughing at everything you say and constantly showing affection, and the next they’re talking back and don’t want to be seen with you.

Fortunately, these gifts for teens will make even the most stubborn adolescent smile.

The BTTR list of top gifts for teens for 2023

If your child is on the cusp of becoming a teen and these gifts don’t quite suit them, consider our gifts for kids guide. You can also check out our guides to the best gifts under $20 and gifts under $50 if you’re shopping to a tighter budget.

How we chose this list of gifts of teens

In order to find gifts that teenagers would actually want, I spoke with my 13 year old son. Together we came up with a list of products he would actually want to receive as a gift.

I asked him to think of ideas that were not just video games and technology, as well as find products at a range of price points.

What to consider when buying gifts for teens

Buying the right gift for a teenager can be a challenge. They are going through a physical upheaval, so finding the right gift requires thought and planning.

Here are some things to consider:

The age of the teenager

There’s a big difference in interests, abilities and skill between a 13 year old and a 19 year old.

A teenager at 13 is barely more than a child (although they will constantly tell you otherwise), whereas a 19 year old is a fully-fledged adult.

As a teenager gets older, there’s a wider range of product categories to consider, including car-related products (once they get their licence), and alcohol (one they are legally allowed to drink, though that should only be done responsibly).

What are their interests?

When in doubt, gifts that promote physical health and books are always great ideas for teenagers. But that’s a bit lazy.

You should really try and cater to the teenager’s interests. If the teen is an avid gamer, then a games console, game or accessory makes a lot of sense.

If they enjoy fashion or beauty, then consider makeup, clothing or jewellery.

The reason for the gift

If you’re shopping for Christmas, consider a gift themed around the holiday season.

If you are instead looking for a birthday or some other event, try and consider their age and the importance of that as part of the gift.

And if you are really struggling after all of that, why not buy them a gift card?


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