Spoil him rotten with these incredible gifts for men


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What are the best gifts for men? The answer, unsurprisingly, is as varied as the men you might be buying for.

There was a time you could get away with buying a bloke a slab of VB and a nice cooler to hold them. These days however, there is a lot more nuance involved.

Whether your man is the active type, a big kid at heart or someone who enjoys working with his hands, choosing the right gift is important.

To help you, we’ve pulled together this list of gift ideas for men.

The BTTR list of top gifts for men for 2023

With Christmas less than a month away, you can also check out our list of Christmas gift ideas to help find something for the man in your life. You can also consider our list of gifts under $20.

What to consider when buying gifts for men

Regardless of who you are buying for, understanding the man’s interests is imperative to finding the perfect gift.

If you aren’t sure where to start, consider some of the following tips.

Consider his interests

If he loves cooking, consider getting him something to use in the kitchen or for the barbecue. If he’s an avid gamer, consider the latest video game, or a nice video game accessory.

Playing to the recipient’s interests is always a great gift giving strategy. If you aren’t sure what they are interested in, try asking them. Or asking someone close to them.

And if you still aren’t sure where to start, there’s always a gift card.

The reason for the gift

What you buy a man for his birthday may not be the same as what you buy him for Christmas. Your relationship is important too – the gift you buy your boyfriend probably won’t be the same as the gift you buy your dad.

That said, themes are always a great way to help you choose a gift – think Christmas theme for Christmas time, wedding theme for engagement or wedding gifts, and age ideas for birthday gifts.


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