Bring a smile to their face with these great gifts for kids


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There’s nothing quite like the smile you get as a child opens a really cool present. With this list of gifts for kids, you’ll see that smile every time.

There’s no simple list for choosing the perfect gift for kids. Depending on age, gender and personality, you’ll get different ideas every time.

We’ve tried to come up with a versatile list for a range of children, but if there’s something you think we’re missing, make sure you reach out and let us know.

The BTTR list of top gifts for kids for 2023

If you can’t find the perfect gift in this list, and your budget is a bit tighter, check our guides to the best gifts under $20 and gifts under $50.

What to consider when buying gifts for kids

Buying the right gift for kids requires thought, understanding and consideration. You can’t just pick up any old gift and hope they will love it.

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing gifts for kids.

The age of the child

The first thing to consider when choosing gifts for kids is the age of the child. All toys have a recommended age on the box.

While you may be able to stretch that out a bit for the right child, you want to make sure you are buying something appropriate for the child’s age. This includes toys with small parts that could become a choking hazard.

But this is also true for other gift ideas like books. You don’t want to grab a copy of The Hobbit for a child that doesn’t know how to read yet.

What are their interests?

Depending on the child’s age, the next thing to consider is their interests (because young children can’t really communicate their interests to you that well).

Think about finding them appropriate toys and games to challenge them mentally, but not so much they lose interest.

If you can’t really identify interests, consider age-appropriate books and active toys like balls or sports sets that encourage physical activity, which is crucial in the early stages.

The reason for the gift

Think about why you’re buying the gift. If it’s for Christmas, something themed around the holiday season could go down a treat. For a birthday, age-related books or clothes could be appropriate.


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