83 incredible Christmas gift ideas for the special people in your life

4 December 2023

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Christmas is a time of giving. It’s a chance to catch up with friends and family, sharing good stories and great food.

And gifts. Don’t forget about the gifts.

But sometimes choosing gifts is hard. Who knows what your 14 year old nephew you only see once a year is interested in this year?

To help ease the burden a little, we’ve pulled together this list of Christmas gift ideas. We’re in the final stages before the big day, so now’s teh time to get your orders in before shipping cut off dates.

We’ve tried to come up with a wide range of ideas at a range of price points and for a range of different people. If that doesn’t help, well, you can always get a gift card, right?

A recent study from Compare the Market shows that cost of living pressures mean that many people will spend less on Christmas this year compared to previous years, so getting a bargain is more important than ever.

The hottest gifts for Christmas 2024

These are the gifts that will make anybody happy. Unless they already own it, in which case we can’t help you. Sorry.

Grab a bargain with one of these Christmas gift ideas under $20

Whether you’re just looking to throw some extra stuff in the stockings or you’ve got a hard $20 budget on your office Secret Santa, these gift ideas will get you through the holiday period.

If you’re looking for a budget gift idea, try to consider broad ideas of the recipients interests. For example, if a person likes travelling, consider a travel mug. If they like poker, maybe a card shuffler.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out our full guide to the best gifts under $20.

Try one of these perfect gifts under $50

A $20 budget won’t get you very far, but $50 is a lot more versatile.

Books make a really great gift in this price range. Whether a great work of fiction or a hot new recipe book, you’ll find plenty in this price range.

If you’re looking for more, we have a whole guide dedicated to gifts under $50.

Make him happy with one of these great Christmas gift ideas for men

Men are pretty simple beasts when it comes to Christmas gift ideas.

Anything that appeals to their sense of manliness will work a treat. For some, that comes in the form of the great outdoors, so camping or outdoor gear is perfect.

Other men like to focus on their personal appearance. For these men, personal grooming and skincare gifts are a great option.

Then there are the foodies, who love kitchen or barbecue related gear, or nice food or alcohol gifts.

Looking for more? Consider our guide to the best gifts for men.

Give her a Christmas to remember with one of these gifts for her

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for women, make sure you understand the their passions and hobbies.

Active women will love gifts that help them achieve their fitness goals. Other women adore gifts that fit in with their natural beauty routines.

If in doubt, fun activities like board games or useful gifts like a stylish beach bag will generally go down well.

Look after your elders with these gifts for grandparents

Grandparents are amazing. Not only did they successfully raise their own children, but they typically help out raising your kids too.

And so you should probably thank them this Christmas. Show them you appreciate them with something that keeps them entertained in those hours they aren’t looking after their grandkids.

If you’re still short on ideas, see our full list of gift ideas for grandparents.

Force a smile with these awesome gifts for teens

As kids turn to teenagers, there is a part of their brain that just decides to switch off. Nobody knows why, but it effectively turns them into eating, grunting, attitude machines.

As these young people begin the metamorphosis from child to adult, they crave stimulation. They love this in the form of technology, but if you can find ways to keep them active at the same time, they will thank you in the long run.

Looking for more ideas? See our full list of gift ideas for teens.

Help Santa with these Christmas gift ideas for kids

Buying for kids can be tricky, because unless they are your own, it’s tough to know what they already have.

Typically, Lego (or Duplo for the really young ones) is always a safe bet. Parents also appreciate active gifts that get kids active or creative, so look at outdoor gifts or art and craft ideas.

And if you’re still not convinced, try books. Every kid loves a good book, and there are always new books to read.

We have more gift ideas for kids in our dedicated guide.

If all else fails, give a gift card

Whether it’s a last minute gift you’d forgotten to buy or trying to pick out something for a distant relative, gift cards make life easy. Here are some great options for easy giving.

Like what you see? We’ve got more gift card ideas for you.

Did we miss something? Send us a message to help us make this page better.


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