The Tineco iCarpet will keep your carpets properly clean with minimal effort


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I’ve always found keeping my carpets clean a frustrating job. It requires specialised equipment; you need to move a heap of furniture and it takes ages to dry properly. Tineco is trying to make it easier with the launch of the iCarpet.

With 130 Air Watts of suction, the iCarpet is a budget-friendly option for cleaning carpets with tough dirt and water stains. It’s more affordable than the Carpet One Pro I reviewed a few months ago.

It simultaneously blasts the carpet with hot air at 75ºC to refresh the carpet, leaving it dry and comfortable to walk on as soon as you’re done cleaning.

The brush head houses an advanced temperature controller that ensures water is consistently at 40ºC to clean the carpets effectively.

An extra hose and stain remover tool lets you use the iCarpet for cleaning upholstery and hard to reach spots like stairs and rugs as well.

Two tank design

Like Tineco’s other floor cleaning appliances like the iFloor 2 and the Floor One S5 Pro, the iCarpet features a dual water tank design. It pumps clean water onto the brush head during the cleaning process and then sucks it up into the dirty water tank as you clean.

The appliance offers four different cleaning modes, including Eco, Max, Dry and Accessory. While you will most likely leave it on Eco mode, Max is great for exceptionally stubborn stains. Dry mode helps you ensure the carpet is really ready to walk on when you are done.

The iCarpet is available now from Bing Lee stores, with a RRP of $799.


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