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Tineco Floor One S7 Pro review


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Tineco Floor One S7 Pro review: A solid all-in-one floor appliance

The Tineco Floor One S7 Pro does a great job of cleaning your floors, though you still need to clean the appliance after every use.

  • Effortlessly vacuums and mops your floors
  • Easy to push around your home
  • Front LEDs highlight places to clean
  • Large LCD offers simple controls
  • Needs to be cleaned after every use
  • Too big to get under furniture
  • Can't clean carpets

The Tineco One S7 Pro wet and dry floor cleaner builds upon the already excellent One S5 Pro, improving its controls, its capacity and its performance.

You get larger clean and dirty water tanks, a bigger LCD screen and better manoeuvrability, with an increased price to match.

It hasn’t overcome all the S5’s challenges, though. It’s still bulky, and can’t quite get to the hard-to-reach locations like under furniture. 

But if your home is predominantly hard floors, the Floor One S7 Pro lets you easily vacuum and mop in a single pass. And that convenience is pretty addictive.

Tineco Floor One S7 Pro review: Design

Compared to the Tineco One S5 Pro I reviewed in April, the S7 Pro is just a bit bigger across the board. 

You get 40 minutes worth of cleaning time vs 35 minutes in the S5 Pro, a slightly larger clean water tank and a larger LCD.

The entire unit is half a kilogram heavier, too. But you don’t notice it while using the vacuum.

Visually, it’s remarkably similar to the S5 Pro. It looks like an old-fashioned upright vacuum, like the old Hoover your parents (or grandparents, or even great-grandparents) used to use.

Instead of a vacuum bag, though, there are water tanks. On the front, the dirty water tank collects the sucked up filth and dirty water, while on the back is a slimline clean water tank.

Above the dirty water tank is the LCD screen. It’s significantly larger in the S7 Pro, but I’m not certain it needed to be. It highlights the cleaning mode you are on, and the iLoop function shows you just how dirty your floors are as it cleans. 

The larger LCD screen of the Tineco Floor One S7 Pro

Because the design is so similar to the previous model, it faces some of the same challenges. The biggest is the inability to clean hard to reach locations. 

Specifically, I’m talking about under my bed and under my furniture.

The Tineco One S7 Pro doesn’t get anywhere close to flat, making it impossible to get into those hard to reach locations. 

Which means you’re still going to need another appliance – maybe a stick vacuum or maybe a robot vacuum – to get to those difficult to reach locations.

Key improvements

Looking at the light bar on the Floor One S7 Pro

While the One S7 Pro is notable for its visual similarity to the One S5 Pro, that doesn’t mean it’s the same.

There are several key improvements to the newer model which make it a better machine.

The most visually obvious is the LED light bar at the front of the vacuum head. When you turn the S7 Pro on, it will light up, giving you a clear view of what it is about to clean up for you.

It may seem like a minor inclusion, but it was noticeably beneficial. While cleaning in my wardrobe, the light illuminated a space behind some bags I rarely bother moving to clean. I could clearly see the dust collecting in that space, so I moved the bags and cleaned it up.

I’ve been reviewing vacuums all year, and it was the first time I cleaned back there. That probably says more about me than I care to admit, but it also highlights the benefit of the LEDs.

The other key design improvement is the Smooth Power self propulsion system.

On the S5 Pro, the self propulsion only kicked in when you were moving forward. The S7 Pro also propels when you’re pulling back.

You don’t really notice it because it just works. When you push forward, the vacuum moves forward easily, and when you pull back, it moves backwards easily. 

Also worth noting is the fact that the mop head now works edge to edge on both sides. This was one of my problems with the S5 Pro, so it’s good to see Tineco solved that issue.

Tineco Floor One S7 Pro review: Performance

Clean floor ahead of the S7 Pro

You get four different cleaning modes with the One S7 Pro. If it weren’t for the fact I was testing the product out for this review, I never would have moved it out of Auto mode.

Auto mode does everything you need to clean your floors. It automatically adjusts the water and suction based on the iLoop sensor, so you can just focus on getting the job done as quickly as possible.

The other modes: Max, Suction and Ultra, all do their own specific thing. Max pumps the vacuum power to full and cranks up the water, dispensing to the highest level.

Ultra mode apparently uses electrolysed water for a “deeper clean”. I couldn’t tell the difference between it and Auto mode.

Suction mode only sucks. It doesn’t use any water spray on the roller. That said, you still wouldn’t use this on your carpets or rugs, as they design the roller for hard floor cleaning.

Like the S5 Pro, The One S7 Pro is powered on by tilting the vacuum into cleaning mode. It’s a bit easier to activate than the S5, and as I mentioned above, the propulsion system works well.

Cleaning performance

Cleaning behind my fridge with the Floor One S7 Pro highlighted just how the iLoop sensor worked, displaying a red ring around the LCD because it was dirty.

I used the Tineco One S7 Pro to clean the hard floors of my home at least once a week for the past four weeks. 

It was remarkable how dirty my floors got in the time between.

The Auto mode was more than enough to pick up all the loose debris and dirt over the floor. 

I found the fact the roller head was now edge to edge, made it much easier to effectively clean the corners of the floor next to cupboards as well.

While Tineco promises an extra five minutes of battery life with the S7 Pro, I didn’t need it for my home. I could easily clean the living area, kitchen, dining, one out of three bedrooms and two bathrooms and still have 40% battery left.

With the S5 Pro, my greatest challenge wasn’t battery life, but the clean water tank. I needed to refill it during a cleaning cycle.

I didn’t have that problem with that. While the spec sheet highlights only a minor difference in the clean water tank size, it was enough for my home.

The self cleaning cycle options on the LCD of the FLoor One S7 Pro


The worst part about this device – or any combo vacuum mop like it – is the maintenance. 

Because you’re working with water and not just dry dirt, you need to clean out the dirty water tank (and the clean water tank for that matter) after every use; otherwise it develops a hideous musty smell.

And because you have to clean out smaller, more intricate parts than just pouring a mop bucket down the drain, you need to get closer to the filth than you may like.

While that’s not really a pleasant experience, Tineco has made a few advances here to simplify things. 

The first is the brush roll cleaner. While the S5 Pro lets you do a quick clean, which took two minutes to dry and clean the brush roller after you cleaned the floor, the S7 Pro has a deeper six-minute cycle.

The six-minute clean uses centrifugal force and the vacuum function to air dry the roller, so you don’t have to worry about it getting mouldy and gross. 

Tineco Floor One S7 Pro review: Verdict

The head of the Tineco Floor One S7 Pro

The iterative updates between the S7 Pro and the previous model aren’t significant to warrant an upgrade. But to be honest, I don’t think the S7 Pro is for owners of previous Tineco floor cleaners.

This is a device targeting people with larger homes with predominantly hard floors. The S5 Pro is a slightly more affordable model, with a slightly smaller price tag and a few less features.

But the S7 Pro is a better vacuum/mop combo. The iterative improvements help make it easy to clean your home.

You still need to spend a bit more time cleaning the actual unit after every clean than I would like. However, the improvements to the self-cleaning cycle are welcome.

It’s a Catch-22. The S7 Pro makes it easier to vacuum and mop your floors regularly by combining vacuuming and mopping into a single chore. But it makes you get closer to the dirt by requiring you to clean the dirty water tank every time.

If you’re prepared to do that task, then the S7 Pro is a fantastic appliance that’s up to the job.

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