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Tineco Carpet One Pro review


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Tineco Carpet One Pro review: Soft, fresh carpets with minimal effort

Say goodbye to dirty carpets and occasional steam cleans with this incredibly efficient and impressive carpet cleaner.

  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Carpets look, feel and smell fresh
  • Leaves carpets dry enough to walk on
  • Fairly expensive
  • Accessory attachment lacks smart functionality

While vacuuming will take care of most of the dust that gets caught in the carpet, you still need to wash it occasionally to keep it properly clean. 

The Tineco Carpet One Pro is a simple solution for the home that does a fantastic job of cleaning your carpets, leaving your rooms smelling clean and feeling great. 

It’s not going to be for everybody thanks to its high price tag and limited versatility – you’re still going to need a regular vacuum cleaner, I’m afraid.

But if you have a lot of carpet around your home, or have pets that tend to leave presents on your low-pile carpet, this will be a worthwhile investment.

Tineco Carpet One Pro: Design review

The Tineco Carpet One Pro ready to clean some carpet for our review

Like the Floor One S5 Pro, the Carpet One Pro is an upright cleaner featuring a combination of clean and dirty water tanks.

It stands tall like an old upright vacuum, with a rear pedal, you need to press to tilt the cleaner down to turn it on.

A separate pedal to the right of the cleaner disengages the dirty water tank for emptying and cleaning.

On top of the clean water tank sits the same circular LCD screen found on other Tineco appliances. This displays key information about your cleaning mode, as well as the iLoop dirt detection system that identifies the dirtier spots on your carpet.

The clean water tank holds 2 litres of water, plus a couple of capfuls of Tineco’s carpet cleaning solution (which smells great, by the way).

Starting to clean with the Tineco Carpet One Pro

The dirty water tank holds 1.5 litres of filth. While that half a litre might make you think that you’ll be emptying the dirty water tank more frequently than you fill the clean water tank, in my testing they both needed replacing at about the same time.

While it will depend on just how dirty your carpets are, I found I needed to run through two full water tanks to clean a 9 square metre bedroom. Admittedly, those carpets hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned since they were installed in 2017, so they were pretty gross.

Looking at the dirty water tank on the Carpet One pro

You’ll need to move furniture

Unfortunately, the way that the tanks are attached to the Carpet One Pro means that it’s impossible to clean carpet under beds or cabinets, as the dirty water tank stops you from reaching underneath.

This means you’ll have to move furniture if you want to give your entire carpet a thorough clean.

On the upside, both water tanks are easy to remove and replace.

Cleaning with the Carpet One Pro

The Carpet One Pro is powered from the mains rather than a battery, so you’ll need to plug in to clean things up. Fortunately, at 6.5 metres, the power cable is long enough that this doesn’t pose a problem.

There’s also a convenient little cable latch on the handle that keeps the cord out of the way while you do your work.

For particularly stubborn stains, as well as upholstery, there’s a two-metre hose that you can attach to a special brush and water sprayer.

Close up of the Carpet One Pro's head

Tineco Carpet One Pro: Performance review

To be completely honest, I was blown away by how well this cleaned my carpets.

The Carpet One Pro does all the hard work of cleaning your carpets for you.

Firstly, it heats the clean water and solution to a balmy 40-degrees Celsius, making it perfect for removing dirt. 

It then takes a two-fold approach to cleaning. As you push the cleaner forward, it sprays the warmed clean water and cleaning solution onto the carpet, depending on how dirty it determines the carpet to be using its iLoop sensor.

Then, as you pull the cleaner backwards, it kicks in the drying sequence, blowing hot air on the carpet to dry it while the 130 AirWatts of suction removes the dislodged dirt and debris.

After a few passes over particularly dirty sections of carpet, you can see the difference in cleanliness, but it’s also just a little more than damp.

That’s when you change to the drying mode, and run over the carpet a few times. It doesn’t spray liquid, just focuses on sucking up the dirt and blowing hot air. 

After a half a dozen passes in drying mode, you can comfortably walk on the carpets again.

Which is to say that on a warm day, you can have your carpets vacuumed, washed and dried within a few hours. 

Be prepared that the dirty water tank is pretty gross

The iLoop factor

When you’re cleaning, the big LCD screen will show you just how putrid your carpets are with a colour changing ring. When it’s blue, everything is good. If it’s red, your carpet is gross, and you need to give it a bit of extra TLC.

It gives some of that TLC without your input, by the way. When it notices a dirtier patch, it increases the amount of liquid it dispenses. When it’s fairly clean, it only uses a small amount.

If you disagree with its assessment of your carpets, you can put it in “Max” mode, which just pumps out the cleaning solution at 100%, but you probably only want to do that on visibly stubborn stains.

When you switch to drying mode, the iLoop smarts again play a part on the screen, using a humidity sensor to detect just how wet the carpet is. You can then pass over that area a few times to ensure it’s completely dry.

The iLoop screen offers a handy get started guide

Accessory mode

If there’s one feature that left me underwhelmed, it was the spot cleaning accessory attachment.

Where the core functions of the Carpet One Pro are automated, and you get key information about the cleaning process on the LCD screen, accessory mode dumbs everything down.

There is a choice between two types of brush heads, one with rubber nubs and the other with hard bristles. Neither of which are explained in the manual. 

The water dispenser is manually triggered and sprays on a wider arc than the V-shaped attachment.

This means you’ll end up spraying water where you don’t want it to go. 

You don’t get any drying functionality either, so if you’re using it for upholstery you’ll need to let it air dry. 

It does help get those stubborn stains out of the carpet with enough elbow grease, but I would appreciate it if Tineco could somehow connect it to the iLoop sensor and drying capabilities of the main unit.

The Tineco Carpet One pro does a great job


According to this article on the Yellow Pages, the average cost to steam clean a carpet is $55 per room. In a three-bedroom home, that would cost $165.

That’s significantly cheaper than the RRP of this carpet cleaner.

However, there are plenty of reasons you may want to clean your carpets, not least of all the ability to do it more frequently to keep your home cleaner. 

And the Carper One Pro from Tineco does an incredible job of cleaning your carpets. It’s easy to use, with straightforward controls and intelligent features that do a lot of the hard work for you.

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