Roborock Q5 Pro launches in Australia and wants to detangle your unwanted hair

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One of the worst things with robot vacuums is having to deal with hair. Whether its pet hair or long human hair, the main brush typically ends up with it tangled around it, and in some cases it rips right through the rubber of the brush.

The new Q5 Pro from Roborock, which was announced today for Australia, uses the same DuoRoller brush technology found in its premium S8 models to help better manage tangled hair.

It pairs this with a pretty huge 5,500 Pa suction power to ensure no hairs get left behind.

“Roborock products aims to bring the most powerful cleaning solution to an everyday smart home. By implementing our most powerful technology into our full suite of floor cleaners, customers will experience the simplest and most flexible home maintenance that they always love from a Roborock product.”

“The Q5 Pro Series are more than just cleaning companions, they’re designed so users can live their lives with more spontaneity and flexibility. We strive to continue our quest to develop simple solutions so our users can cultivate cleanliness and comfortability in their homes effortlessly.”

Richard Chang, Founder and CEO of Roborock

The new Q5 Pro uses LIDAR technology to create detailed maps of its surroundings to ensure a thorough clean. It can also create 3D maps in the RoboRock app, giving you more granular control over your cleaning habits

It boasts a 770 mL dustbin and a battery capable of 240 minutes of continuous cleaning, though that’s not likely to be at maximum suction.

If you like your autonomous cleaning robots to mop as well, the Q5 Pro uses a single mopping pad at the back of the unit to mop and vacuum in a single pass.

Pricing and availability

The new Roborock Q5 Pro will come in two versions. A vacuum only model, which sells for $699 RRP.

There is also the Roborock Q5 Pro+ model on its way, which will pair the vacuum with Roborock’s Plus auto-emptying dock with E-12 Rated dust bags, which is capable of storing up to seven weeks of dust without manual emptying.

Right now there’s no exact info on the release date or price for the Plus model.

You can pick up the Q5 Pro from Roborock directly, as well as retailers like Amazon, JB Hi-Fi, Costco, Harvey Norman, and more.

With its DuoRoller Brush, this Roborock Q5 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner can easily pick up dirt, dust and debris from any surface. And with an impressive 5500Pa suction power, it ensures a thorough clean every time. 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner and mop DuoRoller Brush easily picks up...
AU $599.00
Roborock Q5 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner (Official Australian...
Roborock Q5 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Key Features Vacuum and Mop in One Pass- 5500Pa High Power Suction- PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation- DuoRoller™ Brush- Adaptive Route Algorithms- Seamless Floor Cleaning- Customizable App Features- ScratchSafe® Wheels and Brushes- 770ml Large Dustbin for Longer...
AU $699.00
Roborock Q5 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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