Samsung Unveils Bespoke AI Laundry Range to Revolutionise Convenience and Sustainability

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In a bid to redefine the laundry appliance market, Samsung Electronics Australia has introduced its highly anticipated 2023 Bespoke AI Laundry range.

The cutting-edge line-up, which includes the powerful Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer, as well as the sleek Bespoke AI AirDresser, promises to deliver unmatched capacity, eco-consciousness, efficiency, and intelligence, setting new standards for Samsung’s laundry solutions.

As part of Samsung’s award-winning Bespoke Home family, the beautifully designed Bespoke AI Laundry range has the potential to transform the lives of Australians by providing streamlined convenience and intuitive automated features through SmartThings connectivity.

This integration allows the appliances to learn individual usage patterns, offer personalised recommendations, and ultimately reduce the mental load on consumers.

A standout feature of Samsung’s Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer series is the groundbreaking Less Microfiber Cycle, which addresses the pressing issue of microplastic pollution in global waterways.

Developed in collaboration with environmental organisations OceanWise and Patagonia, this innovative cycle leverages Samsung’s BubbleWash technology and a lower agitation rate to significantly reduce microplastic emissions with every wash, making a positive impact on the environment.

Jeremy Senior, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Australia, emphasised the range’s commitment to personalised convenience, stating, “Our new Bespoke AI Laundry range uses AI innovation to learn your usage patterns and provide recommendations to help care for your clothes and reduce your mental load.”

This aligns with Samsung’s broader Bespoke Home vision, aiming to create homes that are more functional, personalised, and tailored to individual needs.

The appliances

The Bespoke AI washer and dryer side by side in an orange launcdry

The Bespoke AI Washer boasts BubbleWash technology, enabling it to achieve an impressive 5-Star energy rating across different capacities.

By transforming detergent into bubbles that efficiently clean laundry at lower temperatures, the washer saves energy and reduces its environmental footprint.

The AI Wash Cycle further enhances energy efficiency by utilising less water and detergent while ensuring thorough and gentle cleaning. By analysing fabric weight, softness, and water turbidity, the AI Wash Cycle optimises water and detergent usage, consistently delivering exceptional results.

The Bespoke AI Dryer incorporates Heat Pump technology, offering energy-saving options that are not only cost-effective but also gentle on clothes.

With remarkable 9-Star energy ratings, the dryer employs Digital Inverter Compressor technology, utilising refrigerant instead of electricity to dry loads quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the dryer’s AI Dry technology continuously monitors temperature and humidity, making precise adjustments to ensure optimal drying while minimising energy waste. The dryer’s steam-powered Hygiene Care+ cycle effectively eliminates up to 99.9% of certain common bacteria and allergens from dry and wet items, promoting cleanliness and well-being.

Samsung’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its laundry appliances. Through SmartThings Energy integration, users can monitor and manage the energy usage of compatible devices, making eco-conscious choices.

SmartThings Clothing Care provides personalised garment management services, recommending the best wash and dry cycles based on material, usage patterns, and the current season.

Designed with both style and functionality in mind, the Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer feature a modern, flat-front design available in elegant white and black colourways.

The round, tempered-glass door not only adds durability but also enhances the appliances’ overall aesthetic, making them a seamless addition to any laundry room.

Samsung’s advanced Digital Inverter Motor ensures exceptional performance and comes with an impressive 20-year warranty, providing consumers with peace of mind and long-lasting reliability.

The Samsung Bespoke AI AirDresser in a family room next to an arched doorway

Completing Samsung’s comprehensive clothing care range is the 2023 Bespoke AirDresser, a Wi-Fi-enabled device that uses air and steam to gently remove bacteria and dust mites from fabric.

With its crystal mirror-finish design and generous capacity, the AirDresser offers convenience and freshness, featuring various cycles optimized for different fabric types.

The highly anticipated 2023 Bespoke AI Laundry range is currently available at select retail stores, marking a new era in laundry convenience and sustainability for Australian households.


  • BESPOKE AI Smart Washer with Less Microfibre Cycle 12kg – available in white and black. RRP from $1,599
  • BESPOKE AI Smart Dryer with Heat Pump 9kg – available in white and black. RRP from $1,899
  • BESPOKE Grande AI Smart Washer with Less Microfibre Cycle 18kg – available in black exclusively via Harvey Norman. RRP: $2,299 
  • BESPOKE Grande AI Smart Dryer with Heat Pump 10kg – available in black exclusively via Harvey Norman. RRP from $2,499
  • BESPOKE Mirror AirDresser with Sanitisation and Wrinkle Reduction with mirror finish. RRP: $2,999


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