Samsung launches new AI Bespoke Kitchen appliance range in Australia


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Samsung announced its lineup of Bespoke kitchen appliances back at IFA in August, and today the company has officially launched the products in Australia.

Samsung has long been a leader in laundry appliances, plus fridges and microwaves, but this new range sees the technology giant expand into appliances like ovens, induction cooktops and rangehoods.

Just like the Bespoke AI laundry appliances like the AirDresser, all of Samsung’s new AI Bespoke Kitchen appliances are powered with SmartThings, Samsung’s proprietary IoT platform.

It enables you to control, monitor, and manage all your appliances from the convenience of your smartphone.

With the AI Bespoke appliances, you’ll be able to easily preheat the oven, or check how much time is left on your induction cooktop.

The Bespoke Oven AI in particular is worth calling out. It comes equipped with an intelligent cooking system designed to adapt to your culinary habits, programming itself to recommend ideal temperatures and cooking times for your frequently prepared dishes. 

It also features a built-in camera, which will let you monitor the progress of your meal without opening the oven door and letting out the heat.

Pricing and availability

6 Series AI Oven Flex door$3,699Black
Bespoke 6 Series Oven$2,999Beige, Black
5 Series Pyrolytic Oven Flex Door$1,999Silver
4 Series Pyrolytic Oven$1499, $1399Black, Silver
4 Series Catalytic Oven$1,149Silver
Induction Cooktop 80cm$2,299Black
Bespoke Induction Cooktop 60cm$1,899Beige
Induction Cooktop 60cm Mag Dial$2,099Black
Induction Cooktop 60cm 5 Series 3 zones$1,299Black
Bespoke Rangehood 90cm$1,499Black
Bespoke Rangehood 90cm$1,499White
Bespoke 15 PS Dishwasher$1,599Satin Beige, Clean Black
14 PS Dishwasher$899, $799Black, Silver


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